Nourishing our bodies has always been one of the many passions Josh & Wei’er shared. Having a background in Food Science & Nutrition, Wei’er has a keen interest in exploring unfamiliar ingredients and learning new techniques to create recipes to entertain and enjoy on a day to day basis.

Always trying to eat well throughout their married life, they never felt adequately nourished. Stumbling upon old copies of “Nourishing Traditions” & “Wild Fermentations”at a local library opened a whole new world of age old food preparation techniques in the family.

With the help of the kids,the kitchen went into a fermenting frenzy. Josh, inspired by the flavours of fermented veggies, went on to fine tune his signature kraut. In a short 12 months, the appliances on the kitchen bench were replaced with colourful concoctions of krauts beyond their wildest imaginations. Not only did the ferments add a whole new taste and dimension to their meals, they also discovered all the health benefits of a well nourished gut with regular consumption.

With the increasing statistics of declining health in Australia and the lack of ‘real food’ being sold locally, they realised a need for good quality and authentic fermented foods to suit our modern day lifestyles.As advocates for Aussie farmers & growers, they support local small farms by purchasing local and sustainably grown produce. With two enthusiastic and passionate individuals working together, there is certainly no room for compromise in the quality of the products produced by Gutsy Ferments.