Fermented Foods and Weight Loss

ferments & weight loss

We know that there are billionsof bacteria living in our gut.  We also know that many factors in our lifestyle negatively affect our gut bacteria.  These factors are often difficult or impossible to avoid.  Our gut bacteria can be negatively affected by:

  • Chlorine and fluoride
  • Antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs
  • Pesticides and fertilisers in our food
  • Pollution from everywhere
  • Processed foods

Thankfully we can easily increase the number of good bacteria in our gut by eating fermented foods.

Our gut system is commonly known as our second brain. The balance of gut flora in our digestive system can affect our mood, immune system, digestion and many other aspects of our health.  But did you know that the these samegut bacteria can also affect our weight?

A 2010 study showed that a group of people who drank 200g of fermented milk every day for 12 weeks reduced their abdominal fat by 4.6% and their subcutaneous fat by 3.3%.  In the study, 87 people were observed, about half were given a probiotic-rich fermented milk, and the remaining people were given a fermented milk without probiotics.  Those who drank the probiotic-rich fermented milk decreased their body fat, those who drank the milk without probiotics experienced no change in their body fat!

Can you imagine an easier way to lose weight than eating or drinking a small portion of a yummy fermented or beverage every day. Let’s take the first step of including properly fermented foods in our eating plan. Combine with a diet of unprocessed, fresh and  Now combine fermented foods with a clean, unprocessed, chemical-free diet and a little exercise and see what happens.


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