Gluten free wraps

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I have to admit that I am no authentic Mexican, but I do LOVE anything in a wrap. You can buy wraps that taste like cardboard and cost a bomb to buy just a few pieces, they’re not worth it. Neither am I interested in those wraps that have the lovely chewy texture (that I love) but its ingredients’ list just send my head spinning with all the many chemical names it has after wheat flour.  I also need gluten free wraps as I get pretty uncomfortable with too much gluten.


With all these requirements I decided that I should just make my own wraps, besides everything tastes so much nicer when you make it yourself.  Even better when my conscious knows that my body loves and will be nourished by it.

Let’s cut the long story short and head over to the recipe book for the gluten free wraps recipe.

To a comfy nourished tummy,



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