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Kraut is our line of fermented vegetables. As different varieties of vegetables and fruits are harvested each season, our vegetable ferments change with what is available. Our Kraut is fermented aerobically in traditional stoneware crocks until the fermentation process has slowed and the vegetables stop bubbling (usually 2-4 weeks depending on ingredients and weather). We ferment anaerobically to prevent the growth of mould on our ferments. It is our promise to you that none of our veggie ferments are fermented or stored in plastic containers.

Our Kraut is crunchy as all well fermented veggies should be. When you bite down on crisp, crunchy fermented vegetables you’ll know that all the nutritional goodness of the vegetables have been preserved and made available to you through our proper fermentation technique. None of our veggie ferments are heated which keeps the optimal level of probiotics and gives Kraut its signature tangy taste.

Serving Suggestions
1. at it by the spoonful with a drizzle of cold-pressed oil
2. serve as a side-dish for any meal
3. toss it in a salad. Some salad ideas: roasted veggies & quinoa (Garlic & Pimiento Kraut), Wild rice & sesame chicken salad (Ginger & Turmeric Kraut).
4. Add it to your sandwich, compliments cold meats
5. An essential for any BBQ
6. Goes beautifully with egg; scrambled, frittata, poached, pan fried, hardboiled. Whatever tickles your fancy