Raw fruit smoothie


This is a ridiculously simple yet gorgeous drink to impress your kids or guests. And you can be creative, use fruits of different colours i.e green kiwi fruit, golden kiwi, watermelon, red dragon fruit, strawberries, peaches, bananas, even make a green smoothie layer with greens. This drink is limited only by your imagination.

You will need:


A blender




I have used

1 white dragon fruit

1/2 small and ripe pineapple, shaved and chopped into chunks

1/2 cup fresh/frozen raspberries


coconut milk/ coconut water/water

bowl of ice cubes


If you are preparing the layers separately, blend each fruit up with a couple heaped tablespoonfuls of Coghurt, two cubes of ice and two tablespoons of liquid. Allow each of the layer be blended till smooth. Layer as desired and share this drink with people whom you love. Serve it with a couple of raw cookies for more brownie points.


p.s if you can’t be bothered with the layer, simply chuck everything into the blender and blend till smooth. It will still taste yum.

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