Brown Rice Burritos

eating fermented salsa

Cooking equipment  required (or you can make do with whatever you have):

a metal frying spade

a fry pan suitable for making pancakes/crepes….i use a 8″ cast iron frying pan.


2 cups of brown rice flour*

2 cups coconut milk

2-3tbsp coconut oil

6 large eggs

1tbsp black sesame seeds (optional)**

1/2 tsp sea salt


whisk all of the ingredients together and let sit for 10mins. You want to get a double cream sort of consistency. One that is able to spread around easily in a tilting pan. Add more water or flour if required.

Heat pan at medium to high heat. Grease lightly pan with coconut oil and pour 1/2-2/3 cup on it while rotating the pan in a 360 angle in order for the mixture to coat the entire pan.

Cook till the sides start to release itself from the pan (which would only take a couple of mins). Use the spade and flip. Cook for a couple of minutes and your first  brown rice tortilla/crepe is done!

Set that aside for yourself to enjoy while you cook up the rest.

fermented salsa on burrito

Serve with a bolognase recipe or for a vegetarian version, fresh salad veggies,broccoli sprouts, avocado and fresh pineapples slices with mint (that is another recipe for another day.) Serve with Summer’s salsa or cultured condiment of choice to reach the euphoria of fermented tastiness.

*I have only played with brown rice flour for this recipe as I love its nuttiness and don’t really want any other taste to interfere with it. I’m sure if might work with a blend of quinoa, amaranth,buckwheat or even millet flour. This recipe would work well with spelt or whole wheat flour if you desire to.

** I love the crunch and slight tahini taste of the sesame seeds. But once again, this is a very flexible recipe. Go with your heart’s desire to add some other spices or seeds.


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