Pepperberry Kraut

Pepper Berry Kraut


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Pepper Berry

Buy Sauerkraut.  Locally made, organic, unpasteurised.  Wildly fermented in oak barrels and jarred in glass so it never touches plastic.  Fermented for at least 3 weeks

Ingredients: Organic Cabbage, Wild Harvested Native Pepper Berries, Australian Sea Salt

Product of Australia

Customer favourite to be eaten straight from the jar.  This is the go to Kraut for ANY savoury food, and pretty  much any meal. Try it with a spelt sourdough reuben sandwich with melted swiss cheese and a naturally wood smoked ham. This is also perfect served on a cheese platter with antipasto, dips and crackers.

  • Jam Packed with probiotics
  • Rich in Fibre
  • known as one of the world’s strongest anti-oxidants
  • Aids in neutralising free radicals
  • rich source of vitamin C, fights common cold and flu’s
  • help to fight arthritis

450g Jar

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