Why do we do what we do?


Being really pedantic about what goes into my food, I want to know what has gone into my food and the benefits that I can reap from its processing method.  I also want to know that my money is well spent on a quality food products

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It is our top priority to be 100% transparent with our customers in the ingredients that we use and our processing methods. Therefore, this post kicks off our series in “Why we do what we do?”

Some of the topics that we would cover would be as follows:

Why do we use local Aussie coconuts?

Why do we only use fresh coconuts?

Why do we only have 2 ingredients in our coconut yoghurt?

Why are we so crazy about fermented foods?

These are just some of the topics that we are kicking off with at the moment.

If you have any questions (and I mean any questions at all) about what we do/produce use/about us/fermentation (or just anything), sent us a message on either facebook or via email. 

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