Having grown up in S.E Asia, coconut has always been a one of my staple foods. Naturally, I am always on the hunt for fresh coconuts with good flavour and free from chemicals.


The problem is, it’s very difficult to get chemical free coconuts in Australia. Once the green skin on a coconut is opened, the white husk underneath oxidises and very quickly turns a yucky brown colour as it’s exposed to oxygen. To maintain the white husk, imported coconuts are usually dipped in chemicals to prevent oxidation, mould and bacterial growth on its surface. Fumigation with Methyl bromide is also an Australian quarantine requirement for all imported coconuts.


I was absolutely over the moon when I first discovered wild harvested fresh Aussie coconuts. The flavour of most Aussie coconuts has a mild floral sweetness and creamy with a nutty taste. The juice is mildly sweet and absolutely refreshing. Our coconuts are all wild harvested from up North ranging from Mission Beach to as close as Mackay. The coconuts that go into our Coghurt are usually picked fresh the week before and are processed as soon as we receive them in Brisbane.  But best of all, there are no chemicals involved in the growing/picking/shipping process at all!


In a nutshell, we only use wild harvested, chemical free, fresh Aussie coconuts. This means that Coghurt is a quality product hand crafted locally with 100% Australian, chemical-free coconuts.

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