About Gutsy – Why Organic Food

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About Gutsy – Why Organic Food

Organic Food family

Gutsy Ferments Family

Why We Produce Organic Food

Here at Gutsy Ferments we believe that whatever we make should be organic food.  The only food that we make for you, is food that we want to eat ourselves.  I can tell you, whatever we make at Gutsy, our family eats lots of it.   We don’t want to be feeding our family food that has been genetically modified.  Nor do we want to feed our family food that has been sprayed with pesticides or fertilisers.  There are two things that we keep in mind when we think about our food:

  1. We want to eat food that has been grown with our health in mind, not just profit.  We want food that is nutrient rich and low in (artificial) chemicals.  Our bodies have been designed to draw the nutrients that we need to thrive from the food that we eat.  We know that our bodies are affected (positively or negatively) the by food that we put into them.  It’s also clear that our bodies are a temple and we called to care for our bodies and treat them with respect.
  2. We want to eat food that has been grown with a care, not at the expense of our earth.  The way food is grown affects more than just the immediate ground in which it is grown.  Each one of us is called to care for and steward this earth.  One way that we can do this is by supporting farmers who do their best to care for the earth. 

Why We’re Certified Organic

We know that buying certified organic food doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the food is nutrient rich or chemical free.  We know that buying certified organic food doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it has been grown with a care for our earth.  The best way to be sure that the food you’re buying is food that’s been grown according to these principles is by knowing the farmers that grow them. Going to farmers markets is one great way of getting to know farmers.  However, meeting every farmer before you buy their food is often not practical.  An easy and precursory step to filter the food we want to be eating is to make sure that it’s organic food.  

In this same way, we can’t meet every customer that will ever buy our Gutsy products.  So, to help all our unmet and unknown customers we certify many of our products as organic so that you can also take this precursory step.  We want you to be confidant that at Gutsy we do our best to care for your body and care for the earth.  Gutsy uses Australian Certified Organic (ACO) to certify its products as organic food.  ACO are are well known and have reasonable organic standards.  

Not every one of our products is certified organic.  With every season comes an abundance of seasonal produce that often goes to waste due to the oversupply. One of the responsibilities that we take on as fermenters is to turning this excess into a ferment that will be enjoyed in the months to come.  We don’t usually certified seasonal ferments due to it’s short run However, you can be assured  that all of produce that we source will alway be certified organic or chemical free. 






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