Creamy Carob Buttercream

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Gutsy Chocolate Nut Bites
February 7, 2020
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January 7, 2020

I had to pry this bowl of creamy carob buttercream off the family for a photo before they entirely devoured the contents! They all loved it so much that they didn’t want to give it back to me. If you are wanting to try something quick, easy and delicious for the whole family, I recommend trying this recipe. It is a yummy treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. There are so many things you could do with it and I will give you some examples. One of the ways I love to use this yummy treat is as icing on cakes. Sometimes I will also pour it into a big tray, refrigerate, and cut into smaller pieces and enjoy it like fudge. Another thing you can do is add it to the top of pancakes to give it that little bit of extra flavour.

This creamy carob buttercream is such a versatile recipe. You could really make it to use it for whatever you wanted, and just get creative with it. This recipe is so easy to make and it only has five ingredients! It is worth giving it a go and seeing where your creative flair takes you, and see what else you could do with it.

Creamy Carob Buttercream

Creamy Carob Buttercream


  • 200 g grass fed or cultured butter softened
  • 2 pastured egg yolks
  • 4 tbsp carob powder Australian grown carob has the best flavour
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Pinch sea salt


  • In a food processor, beat the butter and egg yolks until fluffy.
  • Add the carob, vanilla and sea salt and process until well combined. (Add around 1 - 2 tsp more of the carob or honey if you prefer the buttercream to be sweeter).

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