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Things to help you with your own fermenting

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  • fermented food recipesfermented food recipes

    Forage, Ferment, Feast Recipe Book – Fermented Food Recipes


    Here is a little book that we’ve been brewing for you, it’s full of fermented food recipes. OK so it’s not little, it’s HUGE. 356 pages of fermentation inspiration to be exact.

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  • sourdough Cookie Dough StarterSourdough Pie Crust

    Sourdough Cookie Starter


    This sourdough cookie starter produces fermented cookies, cakes, sweet pastry dough and sweet breads (ie cinnamon buns, brioche and even doughnuts!). She is the ultimate dessert that truly satisfies a fermenter’s gut, taste buds and conscience.

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  • Sauerkraut/Kim Chi Fermenting Kit

    Sauerkraut Fermentation Kit


    Ferment yourself at home with this sauerkraut/kim-chi/vegetable fermentation kit.  We’ve put together the best fermenting kit that we’ve been able to find.  Included is: Glass Jar, Airlock, Salt  and  Instructions.

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