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Gutsy Christmas Fermented Foods Box


Gutsy’s Christmas Fermented foods box. Get 3 jars of fermented vegetables, a jar of probiotic miso and a jar of citron honey curd sent you your door.

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This fermented foods box contains jars of raw, living, unpasteurised and highly probiotic fermented goodies.  When we send these goodies we pack them in thermal boxes with ice packs to keep our friendly bacteria cool.  The problem is that this is a hot time of year.  The longer our boxes travel, the more they heat up (as the ice packs eventually melt).  The more they heat up, the more quickly our probiotic friends keep fermenting.  As these good bacteria ferment they consume some of the remaining (naturally existing) carbohydrates.  The bacteria then multiply and create carbon dioxide as a by-product.  This is a good thing, except that your jars of fermented food will start to slowly increase in pressure.

 We send your boxes from Brisbane.  

If you send your fermented foods box a very long way (say WA or Tas) your jars will arrive extra probiotic, but perhaps a little fizzy, and they may even have leaked a little due to the increased pressure inside the jars.  Probiotically speaking, this is a good thing.  If your jars arrive warm they’ll be higher in bacteria and lower in carbohydrates, but it could be a little messy.  We’ll send your box anywhere in Australia, but you have been warned!


Christmas Fermented Foods Box

It’s here!!! Our GUTSY Christmas fermented foods Box is finally ready and we couldn’t be more excited! This collection of ferments is the perfect gift for the food enthusiast in your life… even if that enthusiast happens to be you! 

The Christmas Box contains: 

  • Beetroot & Citrus Kraut (NEW!) – usually $14
  • Cauliflower Kimchi (NEW!) – usually $14
  • Vintage Green Papaya Kraut (2018 Seasonal ferment!) – usually $14
  • 12 Month Fermented Citron & Honey Curd (NEW and egg-free!) – usually $12
  • Adzuki Miso (5 months in the making!) – usually $10

At only $60 (with free postage for metro areas) OR $55 if you pick it up from our stall at the Davies Park Markets, this a perfect way to add a ton of variety to a festive feast!  

These ferments are limited editions and have been made in small batches, so this fermented foods box is only available while stocks last! 

*PLEASE NOTE:  We will stop taking courier orders 2 weeks before Christmas (Dec 11th) due to the delays caused by the increased amount of mail in the system.*


About the Fermented Vegetables

These 3 special seasonal fermented vegetables are all limited products. It’s our passion and duty as fermenters to preserve the abundances of each season for everyone to enjoy for many weeks, months or even years to come.  All our ferments are  (of course): crafted with certified organic and locally sourced ingredients,  wildly fermented in oak barrels,  kept raw and unheated to ensure the GUTSY bacteria stays alive for you and your gut.

Beetroot and Citrus Kraut: Cabbage, Beetroot, Navel Orange, Ginger, Thyme, Australia Sea Salt.

100% product of Australia (made in Brisbane).  Only Certified Organic Ingredients Used.

You asked and here it is!

Tasting Notes: This magenta coloured ferment has the deep earthy notes of beets, lifted by the zesty notes from citrus & ginger finishing up with herbalicious tones from thyme.

Enjoy with: Stuff this kraut into a burger with a creamy tzatziki sauce, tossed into a broccoli, cranberries & almond salad, roll it up in a grilled halloumi salad wrap. This kraut has it all! 


Cauliflower Kimchi: Cauliflower, Pear, Chilli (mild), Shallots, Ginger, Garlic, Lemon, Onion, Turmeric, Australian Sea Salt.

100% product of Australia (made in Brisbane).  Only Certified Organic Ingredients Used.

Here is  something a little different that we think you’ll like.  No cabbage has been used in the process of crafting this kimchi.  

Tasting Notes: This brilliantly red kimchi is tangy, spicy and umami all jam packed into a jar. Don’t be intimidated by the fiery red shade of this kimchi. To cater to most palates, this kimchi is just above mildly spicy. 

Enjoy with: Anything!!! This kimchi is THE perfect condiment to bring to barbecues, mexican or pizza parties. Try the divine combination of adding a dollop of mayo to this kimchi and serving it with char grilled buttery corn cobs. 

Vintage Green Papaya Kraut: Cabbage, Green Papaya, Garlic, Ginger, Mint, (very mild) Chili, Kaffir Lime, Australian Sea Salt.

100% product of Australia (made in Brisbane).  Only Certified Organic Ingredients Used.

Most fermented vegetables you see on the market have been fermented for just a few days. Because we love probiotics (and fermenting) so much the average jar of Gutsy kraut is fermented for 4 weeks. For this tangy green papaya kraut we’ve gone above and beyond.  This has been fermented for more than 12 months to give you fermented vegetable that’s jam packed with probiotics.

Tasting Notes: This mature kraut is tangy with a subtle sweetness and a hint of umami. Oh, and by the way, if you’re worried about the chili, don’t…it’s so mild you can’t even taste it.The acidity of this vintage kraut has mellowed like an aged wine.

Enjoy with: It is delicious rolled up in lemongrass chicken rice paper rolls, topped on fried rice with crispy fried egg, or stuffed into a satay beef burger. Yum! 


About the Adzuki Miso

This is a small batch artisan Adzuki (AKA red) bean miso. No soy is used in the process of crafting this miso.  The only ingredients are: Adzuki Beans, Koji rice starter (rice + aspergillus oryzae), and  naturally evaporated sea salt.

Tasting Notes:  Fermented for 5 months, it’s a sweet miso with savoury umami notes.

Perfect for whipping into softened butter and adding to roast veggies, jazz up a banoffe pie by adding a tbsp of the miso to the caramel sauce, whisk with tahini & honey to make a salad dressing, or as a spread on your smashed avo toastie.  


About the Citron and Honey Curd

Ingredients: 100% Stradbroke Raw Bush Honey, Citron.  Fermented for 1  year.  

This small batch honey ferment has been crafted with last season’s citron and raw bush honey sourced from Stradbroke Island.

Citron is one of the world’s oldest form of citrus. In appearance it is a large fragrant citrus fruit with a thick rind. The miniscule flesh within is cheek puckering tangy balanced with the sweet & spongy white rind. Citron has been revered for it impressive health benefits. It has levels of Vitamin C higher than lemon, so it is great for: boosting the immune system, aiding with sore throats and coughs, fighting cancer and improving digestion. 

Tasting Notes: This honey ferment has a mild and smooth citrus flavour. 

Enjoy With: Add a dollop of this curd with greek yoghurt, seasonal fruits & granola, whisked into warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice to soothe a sore throat, serve as a sweet condiment on a cheese platter or enjoy a sneaky spoonful straight out of the jar! 

A Note on Postage and Packaging 

Your Winter’s Fermented Foods Box is shipped in an Expanded Polystyrene Box (EPS) with ice packs, so that it arrives at your door not-so-hot (especially in Summer).  Sometimes, if you live in regional areas, the ice may have melted, and the products may be at room-temperature when they arrive.  That’s not a problem, remember that food as been fermented for generations for the purpose of preservation.  All your fermented food will survive out of the fridge for weeks with no ill effects.

No one really likes Polystyrene.  The form we use is Expanded Polystyrene which means that it uses 2% polystyrene and 98% air.  The boxes we use are also made from styrene that is a by-product of crude-oil extraction.  Also know that the EPS we use is not made with CFCs (so there’s no harm to the ozone) and it’s also 100% recyclable.  See here for more information.  It’s not a perfect solution for us, but it’s workable while we search for something else.

If you live in an Australian Metro Area you will most likely qualify for free shipping.  If you’re in an Australian regional area you will qualify for subsidised shipping.  


Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm


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