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Vintage Green Papaya Kraut
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Fermented Foods Workshop – Hello Spring, Lets Ferment (7 September)

$125.00 $110.00

At this fermented foods workshop we will be focusing on fermenting spring’s sweet sustenance. We’ll show you how to ferment spring beverages, vegetables, legumes and fruits.  Join us for a fermented dinner following the workshop.  Afterwards take a recipe book with you so you can ferment yourself at home.

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Brisbane Fermented Foods Workshop details

When: Saturday 7 September 2pm – 5:30pm

Where: 4/42 Clinker St. Darra QLD

What: Fermented Foods Workshop (Hello Spring!) followed by Dinner

Cost:$110 (Early bird special – if booked on or before 7 August) 

          $125 (if booked after 7 August)


Fermented Foods Workshop – Hello Spring!

At this fermented foods workshop we will be focusing on fermenting spring’s sweet sustenance. Come and explore the fascinating world of beneficial microbes with us as we show you how to ferment:


Strawberry, Rhubarb & Vanilla soda

Learn to start your own Ginger bug.  With the ginger bug, see how to make your own probiotic, low sugar, spring fruit soda.  You can create an endless supply of soda to enjoy through to summer.


Spring veggie ferment
Pickled Ginger, Grapefruit & Daikon Spirals

Learn to ferment veggies in brine resulting in probiotic veggie noodles. These are a great Gutsy addition to salads.  They can be slurped up in stews or topped on a bowl of steaming rice along with miso glazed eggplants.


Cucumber kimchi

Who has time to wait for veggies to ferment when Spring is calling you to enjoy the beautiful blue skies, the blossoming of flowers and the warmth that gently kisses the earth?
This time of year we want a quick fermented kimchi that can be put together within an hour.  Crunchy, spicy and refreshing cucumber kimchi is a great way to zest up plain ol’ cucumber sandwiches, stuffed into burgers or enjoyed on its own.



No Gutsy workshop is complete without a funky ferment. Let us demystify this superfood for you.  Studies have proven this intriguing ferment to be effective in managing hypertension, heart disease and reducing the risk of stroke, so try not to notice the texture!  


Fermented Fruit jam

As the first warm breeze sweeps past this land it reminds us to start preparing for Christmas. Here, we will teach you how to prepare the perfect fermented fruit jam and turn it into a low sugar fermented fruit cake.


Lacto Fermented spiced Nectarine relish

Stone fruits are starting to come into season. With the abundance that is to come, turn some of them into relishes and enjoy it alongside cheese platters, sourdough crackers or in a grilled chicken, rocket & brie wrap.


The Dinner to Follow

As the fermented foods workshop draws to a close, we invite you to join us for an early dinner.  Dinner is included in the cost of your ticket and you will get a chance to taste many of the dishes that we have covered in the workshop.  Hang around and chat while you feast on:


Cucumber kimchi

Asparagus & Citrus pickle

Winter sunshine pickles (yellow carrot, cauliflower & oregano)

Avocado pickled in shio koji

Chap Chye (Korean sweet potato noodles & stir fried veggies)

Sprouted brown rice seasoned with winter kimchi gomashio (japanese sesame salt).

Kimchi Chige (Kimchi Stew) with shiitake mushrooms & tofu 


(seasoned with freshly grated ginger, shoyu koji, sesame oil & scallions)



Pan fried sourdough spelt buns with cinnamon sugar serve with Fizzy Raspberry gelato drizzled with hazelnut chocolate sauce 



Rhubarb, Strawberry & Vanilla Soda
 Blueberry Basil Jun


*Menu may vary slightly subject to availability of seasonal produce


Please note that numbers are limited.



Want to learn all about fermenting?  Check out our fermented foods cookbook here



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