Mother’s Day Gift Bundle

Vegan Pepperberry Jerky
Vegan Pepperberry Jerky
December 23, 2020
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Mother’s Day Gift Bundle

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Give the perfect Mother’s Day gift with this gut-healthy bundle of love! Beetroot Kimchi, Lemonade & Rose Shrub, and our 356-page recipe book, ‘Forage, Ferment, Feast’!


Mother’s Day Gift Bundle

The perfect bundle of Gutsy goodies to let Mum know just how much you appreciate her.  With a Beetroot Kimchi, Lemonade & Rose Shrub, and the ultimate fermenter’s cookbook, ‘Forage, Ferment, Feast’, this Mother’s Day Gift Bundle is going to bring her delight as soon as she opens it.

Beetroot Kimchi

This is a mildly spiced kimchi that highlights the sweet earthy notes of beetroot on the forefront, but also adds nuance with the additions of sweet chilli peppers, seasonal citrus and has a tangy zing that lingers on the palate. Delicious!

This a special seasonal product that is exclusive to this gift bundle.

Serving Suggestions

This is ideal for serving up in poke bowls, tossed in feta crumbed salads, rolled up in smoked salmon & avocado sushi, or be the perfect probiotic filling in your favourite sandwich – and so much more!

Lemonade & Rose Shrub

A bespoke seasonal cordial syrup that has been traditionally handcrafted with locally sourced organic lemon and rose petals. After allowing three months for the fruits to ferment, infuse, and mellow, this antioxidant boosting syrup has taken on the soft fruitiness of the rose, accented with a subtle hint of refreshing citrusy bitterness.

This a special seasonal product that is exclusive to this gift bundle.

Serving Suggestions

Jazz up sparkling water or warm herbal tea with a drizzle of it, add citrusy oomph to a lemon cream cheese frosting on freshly baked spiced carrot cake or whisk with olive oil to make a zesty vinaigrette for winter salads.

“Forage, Ferment, Feast” – Recipe Book

Tales of food and family with recipes for restoring gut health, connection, healing and wholeness!

Spoil Mum with 356 pages of fermenting recipes, inspiration, and knowledge.

Fermentation is not just about getting probiotics into your food. It’s also a great way to preserve the bounty of every season. Through fermentation, you’re able to make wholesome, organic, probiotic food more accessible for your family all year round – and ‘Forage, Ferment, Feast’ has got everything you need to know to make that happen!

The fermented food recipes that we share include something for everybody. In the book you’ll find:

  • kid friendly fermented recipes
  • fermented dessert recipes
  • sourdough recipes
  • fermented beverage recipes
  • fermented vegetable recipes
  • hardcore fermented tonic recipes
  • and much more!

Beautifully designed and full of beautiful photographs, this book would also make a great addition to Mum’s coffee table!


This Mother’s Day Gift Bundle is the perfect gift for Mum. Get in fast, as stock is limited!


How to store Gutsy Beetroot Kimchi

Keep your Gutsy veggies refrigerated before opening if possible.  But if you can’t keep your kimchi in the fridge for a while, it’s not a big deal.  Fermentation is a preserving process so Gutsy fermented veggies will keep for weeks out of the fridge.  If you keep your kimchi out of the fridge it will keep fermenting. The only problem is that carbon dioxide is a byproduct of fermentation.  So if keep your Kimchi out of the fridge for too long, you may be sprayed with juice the first time you open it.  It’s not unhealthy, just sometimes a little messy.

Once opened Gutsy Kimchi is best kept in the fridge.  The only reason for this is to inhibit the growth of mould.


A Note on Shipping Living, Raw, Probiotic, Fermented Beetroot Kimchi

Our Gutsy Fermentery is based in Brisbane, QLD.  If you buy Kimchi online, we’ll ship it directly to your door anywhere in Australia.  When we ship your kimchi we pack it into a thermal box with ice packs.  This keeps the product cool for a few days depending on the outside temperature.

The thing is that our Australian Summers get pretty hot and if your package is travelling a long way your kimchi will eventually warm up.  As per the storage instructions above, it doesn’t matter if your kimchi warms up, it’s actually a good thing (as far as probiotics go).  Just beware, if you’re ordering in the middle of summer, and you live far away from Brisbane (Tas or WA) your fermented veggies might be a little fizzy when you first take off the lid.  If this is the case, refrigerate the jar for a couple of hours before you open it.  Be sure to hold it over a bowl the first time you open it and drink any juices that you catch!

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    Our family just loves all you products so thank you

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