Fermented Foods Workshop – Fermenting Winter’s Flavours

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Fermented Foods Workshop – Fermenting Winter’s Flavours


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Workshop details

When: Saturday 15 June 2pm – 5:30pm

Where: 4/42 Clinker St. Darra QLD

What: Fermented Foods Workshop (Winter’s Flavours) followed by Dinner

Cost:$90 (Early bird special – if booked on or before 9 June)

          $100 (if booked after 9 June)

New Commercial Kitchen

For the last 5 years or so we’ve been sharing a commercial kitchen with Buchi Kombucha.  Our time sharing a kitchen with Buchi has been a blast! but like all good things it has come to an end.  Both our businesses are growing and the time has come for us to move into a place we can call our own!  After weeks and weeks of hard work we have moved into our new kitchen.  The kitchen is now licensed and operational so we’re back into what we do best, fermenting.

It’s a bit last minute, but would you like to help us celebrate our move into “The Fermentery”?  Join us for an evening of winter fermenting fun followed by dinner, a chat and a walk through The Fermentary.

Fermented Foods Workshop – Fermenting Winter’s Flavours

At this fermented foods workshop we will be focusing on winter’s bounty. You will learn how to ferment:

Fizzy Beverage  

Jun (honey & green tea)  

Fermented Veggies  

Winter Roots kimchi 

Winter Apple, Cider & Fennel kraut 

Lacto Fermented Pink Pickled eggs


Immune Boost honey ferment 

Pear Cider Vinegar 

 Winter’s Comfort Food  

sourdough cookie and uses 

And if time allows, we will throw in a bonus demo of Amazake (prebiotic sweet rice pudding – no sugar needed!)

The Dinner to Follow

As the workshop draws to a close, we invite you to join us for an early dinner.  Dinner is included in the cost of your ticket and you will get a chance to taste many of the dishes that we have covered in the workshop.  Hang around and chat while you feast on:


Mixed grains rice balls seasoned with pear cider vinegar 

Pickled eggs 

Lemongrass, coconut & ginger Pumpkin soup  

Gomashio – fennel, citrus & sesame salt 

Amazake pickled cucumbers 

Coriander Carrot noodles kimchi 

Apple cider kraut 

3 months ferment Red peppers hot sauce

Cultured Aioli

Matcha & Jasmine Jun

Dessert – Raspberry Amazake (Japanese style rice pudding) with a dollop of kefir creme

and topped with sourdough hazelnut & choc chip cookie crumble

*Menu may vary slightly subject to availability of seasonal produce


Please note that numbers are limited.




If you don’t want to learn how to ferment, al you want is to eat fermented goodies, check out our shop here

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