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Resilient Gut Bundle


This bundle is specially put together for people who are working on increasing gut resiliency and diversity (read more about why diversity is important and how to use the bundle).   Included is:

  1. A Fast to purify your gut (note the empty space in the box)

  2. Bone Broth to Seal your Gut

  3. 2 x 250ml Gut shots to seed your gut (note, this is a change from the old bundle that had 4 x 65ml Gut shots)

  4. Your choice of Kraut or Kimchi to Seed and Feed your Gut.  

  5. A free - pack of Prebiotic Smoked Garlic Jerky to feed your gut

The Perfect Bundle for a Resilient Gut

resilient gut is a diverse gut.  The diversity of our gut microbiome is essential for energy, mood, and immune system. 

There are five steps to improve gut resiliency:

Purify your Gut

Seal your Gut

Seed your Gut

Feed your Gut


This bundle contains:

1. An empty space to help you Purify 😉- priceless

2. Jar of broth concentrate to Seal your gut - $28

3. A probiotic gut-shot 4-pack to Seed your gut - $12

4. Your choice of a jar of Kraut or Kimchi to Seed and Feed your Gut - $17

Bonus. Free pack of prebiotic cauliflower jerky to feed your gut. - $11

Purify and Seal with Broth

Purify Your Gut

Fasting is the ultimate way to purify your gut of many pathogenic and problematic bacteria, yeasts and parasites.  It's really hard for us to sell you a fast, but we highly recommend it! Fasting has been practiced throughout recorded history for religious reasons, medicinal reasons and out of necessity; it's the best way to wipe our gastrointestinal slate clean.  You can seal, seed and feed your gut without fasting, but fasting makes the next stages faster, more effective and helps the changes last longer.

Seal your Gut

Whether or not you've purified your gut, sealing your gut with bone broth is essential. The proteins, amino acids and minerals found in broth are important building blocks for our gut lining.  We know that broth can help to boost our gut mucus lining and tighten the tight junctions in our gut epithelium. Broth is an important food to seal and maintain our gut on a regular basis.  It's also a great way to re-feed after a fast.

How to Eat It

Add a teaspoon of broth concentrate to a mug of hot water and enjoy as a warm beverage.  Include some broth concentrate in your rice cooker when cooking rice.  Try adding broth concentrate to your stew or soup for extra flavour and goodness.  As Gutsy broth concentrate is cooked and room-temperature stable, you can even drizzle some over your salad.

Seed with Gut Shots

Gut Shot

Gutsy Gut shot is vegetable juice that's been fermented.  No water or sugar added.  It's just concentrated, probiotic juice in a bottle.  It's been designed as an easy way to get probiotics into your diet. Being acid-resistant these probiotics can survive the trip through the seething pools of acid in your stomach to make their home in your intestines.

Seeding your gut with probioticly rich fermented food and beverages is important for gut microbiome diversity.  One study found that adding a daily dose of fermented foods and beverages (like Gutsy Gut Shot) significantly increased Microbiome diversity while decreasing inflammation.  The same study showed that just eating extra fruit and veg without the fermented food and drink actually increased inflammation levels.

How to Use Gut Shot

Take a sip straight from the bottle in the morning while your stomach is empty and in the evening before dinner.  Drinking while your stomach is empty is the best time to seed your gut.  In a small sip there are billions of good bacteria to boost your microbiome.

You could also blend your gut shot into a smoothy, stir it into a cold beverage like kombucha, or use it as a sports drink after your workout.  There are two serves per bottle and the gut shot can be stored at room temperature for a week or so.

Sauerkraut and Kimchi

Sauerkraut and Kimchi are also highly probiotic.  In a tablespoon of sauerkraut or kimchi there are billions of good bacteria.  Sauerkraut and Kimchi can be a little hard to eat on the run, but include a tablespoon with lunch or dinner every day to not only seed your gut, but also feed with with the prebiotics that are part of every jar.  

How to Eat Sauerkraut or Kimchi

There are so many ways to enjoy sauerkraut and kimchi, though to maintain the probiotic benefit it's best not to cook your fermented vegetables.  Add your fermented vegetables as a side to any savoury meal.  Mix it into your salad for an extra zing.  Try eating it straight from the jar with a side of nuts.  Layer it on your sandwich or inside your rice-paper-roll.

Feed Your Gut with Kraut/Kimchi and Bonus Prebiotic Cauliflower Jerky


Prebiotics are vitally important to feed the probiotics that make up our microbiome.  A prebiotic is a non-digestible food component that can be eaten by our probiotics resulting in a benefit for our body.  In short a prebiotic is usually a non-digestible plant fibre.  We can eat good food (prebiotics) to feed our good bacteria (probiotics).  We can also eat bad food to feed our bad bacteria.  What we eat fosters certain bacteria strains that often already exist in our gut.

Sauerkraut and Kimchi

Eating properly fermented, living, Sauerkraut or Kimchi gives us a two for one hit.  We get the probiotics from the fermented vegetables, but sauerkraut and kimchi is also made from highly-prebiotic ingredients so that we also provide food for the bacteria.  The prebiotic ingredients include: cabbage, cauliflower, beetroot, carrot, garlic, ginger etc.  

Bonus Cauliflower Jerky

Unfortunately we can't always be at home preparing our own food for every meal.  We've created Cauliflower Jerky as an easy on-the-road alternative to feed your gut. Prebiotic Cauliflower Jerky is made by fermenting cauliflower with chilli, garlic, leeks and garlic, then dehydrating at low temperatures.  

Eat some cauliflower jerky when you're out and about to provide your gut with prebiotics and postbiotics at the same time.

How to Eat Prebiotic Cauliflower Jerky

Our favourite way to enjoy cauliflower jerky is straight from the packet.  It's a great snack for in-between-meals, full flavoured and concentrated so you only need a little bit to satisfy the cravings of your microbiome.

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