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  • best fermenting kit

    Sauerkraut Fermenting Kit with Pounder


    Ferment yourself at home with this sauerkraut/kim-chi/vegetable fermenting kit.    We’ve put together the best fermenting kit that we’ve been able to find, it includes: Glass Jar, Airlock, Pounder, Glass Weight, Salt and Instructions.

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  • Handmade sauerkraut pounders

    Sauerkraut Pounder


    A Sauerkraut Pounder is important to break down the structure of the cabbage (or other vegetables), it also comes in mighty handy when packing your veggies into a glass jar.

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  • Cookie Dough Starter
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  • Turmeric bone broth concentrate - best of the bone

    Turmeric Bone Broth Concentrate – Best of the Bone


    Turmeric Bone Broth Concentrate.  Just Grass-fed certified organic Australian and NZ beef leg bone, spices and evaporated sea salt.

     Made in Australia with Australian and NZ ingredients.  350g Jar (35 serves per jar)

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  • Vintage Green Papaya Kraut

    Vintage Green Papaya Kraut


    Last summer was a great season for papayas.  We got our hands on a stack of fresh, firm green papayas and couldn’t help but ferment them.   A few months later we get what has become one of our favourite seasonal, green papaya kraut.

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