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Better and fast gut health

Besides the delicious taste and only needing to consume about 50 grams a day making it exceptional value the live good bacteria in this product leave the pasteurised (cooked and zero bacteria) mushy supermarket krauts for dead. Fast shipping by express post with a 2 year unopened fridge life or 3 months opened. The difference it has made to my gut health which has flowed to other improvements is astonishing. You can't buy feremented live bacteria krauts in any supermarket so am grateful I found Gutsy Ferments online. Ships from Qld down to Melbourne safely and quickly.

Absolutely Delicious

We’ve been ordering this for years now and the customer service is great. It has a really nice garlic taste. Would recommend!


Great service. Great packaging. Great product. Can’t ask for more.


I wasn't sure what to expect when first trying this but it's really delicious - even just a teaspoon in a mug and some hot water tastes great

Just so easy to make and so yum!! Freezes well and we enjoy it with a big helping of sauerkraut on it after toasting.

Love this so Much

What a great product, perfect in every way, love love loved it. Only complaint so did the rest of the family, so it didn't last very long.


Tastes really good, feels like it's god lots of bacteria in it.

Totally five star!!!

Great product. Very impressive packaging, especially as distance was involved. It arrived cool, fresh and in tact.

Only difficulty...I did find the website a little challenging to navigate. Otherwise wonderful service and follow-up..
Many thanks


I add this to most rice dishes now! Yummo

Love it!!!

Best fermented food!!

My favourite sauerkraut. The garlic flavour is amazing.

Hidden Gem of deliciousness!

My girlfriend usually likes to steam a carrot but this is the only way I eat my carrots. I go through 2 jars a month of this magic stuff! I’m a sucker for all things ginger and turmeric and this hits all the marks 😌👌🏼 Not too dominant in any flavour and pairs well with any food as a side. Broccoli and cauliflower especially!

Very enjoyable

Delicious! Perfect side or addition to meals

This has to be one of my all time favourites. It’s the perfect blend of flavours and works well as a bowl of side or mixed into a dish. My personal favourite is topped on crumpets with a fried egg and some avocado 👌🏼 can’t get enough.


Awesome kimchi.

Bone broth

Love this product. Delicious and its helping to heal my gut. Love all their products that I've tried so far.


Tastes great, and have been able to build up tolerance with this sauerkraut so I can eat it without food reactions. Thanks!

Overall great product

Cauliflower Kimchi

Liked the product and it is not too hot. A little less stalk is preferred and smaller pieces would be better but overall very good.

Happy with this purchase…I would like to have the option to when I order online to be able to choose to come pick it up at your warehouse

Best ever!

This is the nicest kraut I've ever had. Well Done Gutsy :-)

Beautiful as a miso

I have this on auto shipment as I use it in soup ,risottos as a cup with kale chickpea seaweed as my lunch.
it’s beautiful clean bone broth. I don’t really eat red meat so I don’t like the smells or taste. This is not full flavour of bones it very nourishing and beautiful.
I have it in my day-to-day regime.

GUTSY CHRISTMAS BOX 2022 - A Year of Vintage Ferments

Lovely Christmas gift

My girls love this company
Really good products