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FOCUS - Concentrated Beef Bone Broth with medicinal mushrooms

Highly Concentrated Bone Broth. Made to seal your gut and build your gut lining with: Grass-fed Australian Beef Thigh-Bone and Australian Evaporated Sea Salt, Organic Reshii, Organic Shiitake, Organic Lion's Mane and Organic White Peppercorn.

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I purchased the bundle of 4 bone broth, I just mix it with hot water, it's really tasty, thank you.

Love a morning brothie

Delicious and rich. You can feel it doing you good. It may get a little bitter towards the end of the cup if it’s left to sit for too long, but that doesn’t bother us at all. Keep up the great work.


Delicious and comforting just with hot water. Not sure it gave me any extra focus but it’s certainly perfect for a cold day mid-afternoon drink.

FOCUS Concentrated Bone Broth


Specifically formulated to be a potent immunity & brain boosting blend.  A daily intake of this broth provides massive health benefits, not only from the broth itself, but also from reishi, lion's mane & shiitake. 


Even in ancient times, mushrooms were valued as the "elixir to longevity" in Eastern medicine.  Asian mushrooms such as Reishi, Lion's mane and Shiitake have recently seen piqued interest in the western world due to their potent health benefits.

The ability of Reishi to enhance the immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep and reduce brain fog made FOCUS the most fitting name for this tasty, nut brown broth. Besides supercharging your immune health through better rest and stress reduction, the addition of Lion's mane and Shiitake work hand in hand to boost brain health and improve one's sense of well being. 

Studies have shown that Lion's mane mushroom contains 2 special compounds (hericenones and erinacines) which aid in stimulating the growth of brain cells. Shiitake mushrooms are well known to contain vitamin D which is a fat soluble vitamin.  With the presence of omega 3 rich fats in GUTSY high collagen bone broth, this works as the perfect substrate to enhance the absorption of all the mushroomy goodness in every cuppa broth. 

One last fantastic fungi fun fact. Do you know that Reishi and Shiitake are rich sources of beta-glucan AKA prebiotics which stimulate the growth and activity of gut friendly intestinal microbiota and inhibit pathogenic bacteria growth? There's just so much to love in this umami broth. 


A heart warming light broth with a beautiful savoury and nutty umami flavour notes. 


A warm cup of broth on its own, drizzled with a teaspoon into GUTSY's own version of bulletproof coffee or hot chocolate to kickstart the day on a gutsy note. This broth concentrate is a delightful addition to noodle soup, beef stroganoff, stews, add a touch of umami in mayo, rice (whisk a tbsp into the liquid before cooking) or even drizzle into buttery bed of sautéed  mushroom with garlic, rosemary & a squeeze of lemon. 


Grass-fed Australian Beef Thigh-Bone and Australian Evaporated Sea Salt, Organic Reshii, Organic Shiitake, Organic Lion's Mane and Organic White Peppercorn.

320g Jar (32 serves per jar)

Why is Broth Essential for a Resilient Gut?

Broth is important to maintain the integrity of your gut.  Our guts are lined with a thin mucosal lining.  This lining has the important job of allowing substances we such as  water and nutrients to pass through into our bloodstream, while keeping large, undigested or dangerous particles inside our gut.  Problems occur when our gut lining starts to fail.  Ever heard of leaky gut syndrome?  The collagen and amino acids in broth help to boost the integrity of our gut lining.

Another common gut problem is inflammation.  Whether it's an inflammatory disease or low level inflammation, this wreaks havoc on our digestive tract.  Did you know that broth is easily digested and anti-inflammatory?

What are the Nutrients in Gutsy Concentrated Broth?

The nutrients dissolved from our Australian grass-fed beef leg bones include:

  • Multi-collagen proteins
  • Amino Acids
  • Essential minerals
    • magnesium
    • sulfur
    • calcium
    • phosphorous
    • iron
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • EPA
  • DPA

Essentially you’re drinking liquid bones, so you know it’s:

  • Keto friendly 
  • FODMAPs friendly
  • Paleo friendly

How is Gutsy Concentrated Bone Broth Made?

  1. Source Australian grass-fed beef leg bones (the leg bones are the most nutrient dense)
  2. Crush the bones to extract the goodness more completely 
  3. Boil for up to 6 days 
  4. Season with Australian evaporated sea salt for flavour & storing it long term. 

Voila! You're left with a highly concentrated, nutritious and delicious bone broth.

How good is Gutsy Broth?

Did you know that "Brix" is the unit of measurement used to indicate the amount of nutrients from the bone that are dissolved in liquid.  Your average home-made bone broth has about 5-6 Brix.  Our Gutsy bone broth has around 60 Brix.  That means it's 10x more nutrient dense than your average bone broth, better for your gut.

How to store

This bone broth concentrate has been boiled until there’s no water left. Lack of water, along with the use of salt as a natural preserver means that this broth can be stored at room temperature. Once opened it’s best to keep your bone broth in a cool place and use within 1 month of opening.


Ever tried rice cooked with Bone Broth concentrate and eaten topped with Gutsy probiotic Tasmanian Pepperberry Kraut? It’s a winner!

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