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Welcome to Gutsy Ferments - Creators of Delicious Fermented Food

Here at Gutsy we're all about fermented food that's made for your gut. We're a bit different from others in Australia who make Sauerkraut and Kimchi, here are some of the reasons why:
1. We LOVE fermenting!
2. Gutsy ferments in Oak Barrels (no plastics)
3. We wildly ferment our veggies (no artificial cultures)
4. Our veggies are fermented for weeks (not days)
5. All our vegetables arecertified organic
6. Gutsy fermented products have 100% Australian Ingredients
7. Gutsy's fermented vegetables are Kosher
8. We run workshops to show and teach you what we do

We're also constantly playing around with other fermented things. Check out our online shop to see what's new.

See How We Ferment our Vegetables

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Ferments For Every Gut | Gutsy Ferments

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