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Made For Your Gut

Oak barrel aged, organic, fermented up to 18 months

Our Brand Values

At Gutsy, we are committed to using all natural processes and certified organic seasonal ingredients to create healthy, wholesome fermented food that nurtures the body, nourishes the mind, and rejuvenates the soul.


We use certified organic and sustainably grown local produce  to create our fermented food range—we even incorporate Australian grown spices. We're passionate about this for to maximise nutritional density and flavour.

Oak Barrel Aged

Gutsy is the only fermentary in Australia to use oak barrels and wildly ferment. Oak is the best because it's full of flavour and empty of chemicals. Wild fermentation means we let fermentation happen naturally without adding fake starter cultures.

Long Fermented

Long fermentation, up to 18 months, delivers the unique flavour found only in GUTSY ferments and allows for the multiplication of probiotics, providing the highest concentration of gut loving bacteria for everyone.

A day with gutsy’s Fermenters

See How We Ferment our Vegetables



We love hearing back from our clients. Here’s what some of them had to say about Gutsy Ferments.

I can’t believe the difference these fermented foods have made. Thanks to Gutsy Ferments, I have more energy and feel healthier than I did ten years ago.

Jane Smith • Brisbane

Gutsy Ferments’ foods are so yummy it’s hard to believe they’re good for you too! Our whole family just loves their fermented foods!

Joe Hardy • Sunshine Coast

I struggled with bloating and constipation for years until I found Gutsy Fermentations. Now I’m finally free from IBS symptoms, I have more energy and I’m loving my new life. Thanks Gutsy.

Sheila Sutton • Gold Coast

Quality products, love getting the bulk box for the variety and price. Great service, delivery to TAS.


Absolutely amazingly yummy my puppies and I ate all 3 jars in 2 weeks! Definitely getting more Gutsy

Laura S.

The pumpkin seed oil is incredible, and I feel incredible after eating it. Combo with the kraut is a good deal too!


Our family just loves all you products so thank you


Tasty, healthy and saves me the time to pickle things myself! Went through 1 jar in 3 days because it was so delicious! Do yourself a favour and get 2 sets. Trust me Oh and no sugar = less fat!

Anna Liu

The Carrot Kimchi is delicious and a great side for winter meals.


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Our fermented foods look as great as they taste. In fact, they are so rich and colourful, they are definitely Insta-worthy. Take a look and see for yourself, plus get behind the scenes sneak peeks of our process, and much more.