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At Gutsy Ferments, Our Delicious & Nutritious Fermented Food Rich In Probiotics Is Made With Love, Specially For Your Gut

Your gut works hard day and night to ensure you get only the best from your diet. Isn’t it time you gave something back? With Gutsy Ferments’ fermented and probiotic-rich foods, you can.

For more than a decade, the team at Gutsy Ferments has been studying and experimenting with the art of fermentation

And along the way, we’ve created some truly amazing, delicious and wholesome fermented foods. These foods made such a difference in our own lives that we have made it our life’s work to help others to experience the benefits of probiotic foods.

We love nothing more than being able to offer a wide variety of ready-to-eat fermented foods in our online range.

Choose from our wide range of probiotic and fermented food online today.

Why Do Gutsy Ferments’ Fermented Foods Taste So Good?

Firstly, our fermented foods are made from only the freshest, certified organic, chemical-free local produce.

Secondly, our probiotic foods have to pass the stringent standards of our inhouse taste testers, namely our family.

This panel of little judges come with brutal honesty which has allowed us to develop many delicious fermented foods.

On the flipside, producing tasty fermented foods is a great way to encourage them to eat and enjoy fermented foods. What this means for you, our customer, is that you can purchase your fermented and probiotic foods online with confidence knowing that we only produce fermented foods that we want our family to eat.

Choose from our wide range of probiotic and fermented food online today.

At Gutsy Ferments, We Use Local Produce In Our Fermented Foods Whenever We Can

Gutsy Ferments is a local, Australian-family owned business and it is important to us to source as much of the produce for our fermented foods from local farmers. In fact, we buy our produce directly from farmers we know and have met face-to-face wherever possible.

Aside from supporting local producers, the use of local produce in our fermented and probiotic-rich foods also reduces wastage and keeps food mileage down.

Since fermentation locks in many of the nutrients from fresh produce and makes them more bioavailable, we find that using farm-fresh, seasonal ingredients in our fermented foods yields the best results in terms of flavour, texture and quality. Discover our wide range of probiotic and fermented food online today.

We’re Wild About Fermenting And We Ferment Wildly To Produce Quality Fermented Foods.

It may sound odd to those new to fermented foods, but fermenting wildly is actually a thing.

We use wild fermentation, also known as natural fermentation to create the best tasting fermented and probiotic foods around (just take a look at our online range). The best thing about using wild fermentation to create fermented and probiotic-rich foods is that it’s completely natural, which means we don’t add a starter culture to get things moving, we just let nature take its course.

Wild fermentation allows all the locally sourced, naturally existing bacteria that live on and in our fermented foods, to multiply and propagate creating the highest possible levels of probiotics in our foods.

Each batch of wild fermented food contains slightly different strains of probiotic bacteria, depending on where the produce was grown, when it was harvested and what the weather was doing while it was growing. These different strains produce subtle flavour variations in our fermented foods.

You’ll taste the difference when you buy Gutsy Ferments’ fermented and probiotic foods online or in store.