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Kimchi Made in Australia

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Kimchi the Emperor of Fermented Foods

A much-loved and healthy staple of the Korean diet, kimchi is sometimes described as an Asian version of sauerkraut. However, while broadly true, this comparison wouldn’t do this superb, gut-health-friendly dish justice!

Usually made from ingredients such as cabbage, radish or carrot — there are many regional varieties — kimchi also tends towards a spicy, often sweet taste. More than a staple dish, kimchi is a source of national pride in Korea. Eaten almost every day, it is one of the dishes that define Korean cuisine and culture.

As Hyunjoo Albrecht, a South Korean-born chef now residing in San Francisco, says in this NPR interview "Kimchi is like air in Korea, "It always has to be in the refrigerator in every house, a big batch."

The South Korean government promotes it as a major tourist attraction and kimchi festivals are held throughout the land. The making of kimchi has often been a communal event throughout Korea, bringing together villages, towns and households as the kimchi was prepared to store vegetables for consumption in the winter months.

Our product range

At Gutsy Ferments we aim to make the famous dish true to the traditional Korean recipe while adding our own uniquely Australian variation.

Organic Apple Radish Kimchi

Our kimchi is, like all our products, locally-sourced and organic. We use apple and radish in a traditional combination to deliver the unique taste of kimchi. This has a touch of chilli to give it an authentic bite, without being overwhelming.

Fermented for at least four weeks in our specially-built oak barrels to maximise the probiotic bacteria, the kimchi is gut healthy as well as delicious.

The ingredients we use to give the authentic Korean flavour are: Organic Cabbage, Organic Carrots, Organic Leeks, Organic Apple, Organic Radish, Organic Onion, Organic Lime, Organic Chilli, Organic Ginger, Organic Garlic, Organic Turmeric and Australian Sea Salt. 

Kimchi Hot Sauce

One for the lover of hot, spicy food, our umami hot sauce — with a kimchi twist — is vibrant, zesty and full of healthy gut-friendly bacteria.

At Gutsy, we make our Kimchi Hot Sauce by adding Queensland hot chillies to our cauliflower kimchi. Fermented for at least four weeks in our famous oak barrels, the sauce is infused with the rich taste of the oak as well as teeming with probiotic bacteria. The fermented chillies add a touch of heat and goodness to the sauce and it’s an excellent idea as a gift for the chilli lover.

Kimchi Ingredients

We always source local, organic food producers for the kimchi ingredients. Not only does this mean you get the freshest, best-tasting kimchi but it also means we support local farmers. Of course, buying local always means lowering the carbon footprint of our kimchi. The ingredients do not need to be carted across Australia (or around the world), thereby reducing the impact on our environment.

Benefits of kimchi

Gut health benefits have been the subject of numerous scientific studies in recent years. Probiotics have been linked to many physical and mental health outcomes. Benefits may include support of the immune system, better cardiovascular health, digestive problems and anti-inflammatory responses in the body. 

Fermented food and drink are one of the main sources of beneficial bacteria. As kimchi is high in the intestinal bacteria that benefit the balance of our gut health, it is considered one of the best sources of probiotics.

Additionally Kimchi is great for your skin. It may aid in weight loss, support slow ageing, treat acne and even improve rosacea and inflammation.

How to Use Kimchi

As well as being delicious and super healthy, kimchi, like its cousin sauerkraut, is versatile in its culinary uses.

Full of flavour and with a hint of spice, kimchi may be used in a number of ways

As a side dish

Try a few spoonfuls of kimchi as a side to almost any main meal. It may be used with white or red meat, eggs or vegetarian or vegan dishes. Gluten-free, you can try it as an accompaniment to almost any meal.

As part of the main meal

The versatility of kimchi means it is also well-suited to adding as part of the main meal. If you’re looking for some extra zest, try including kimchi with fried rice, vegetable stew or even as a topping for pizza. It also is great tossed through salads for that extra zing.

In traditional Korean dishes

Try your hand at anything from Korean dumplings to Korean pancakes to kimchi with tofu, to a spicy Korean stew! If you enjoy the spicy taste of Asian-style food, you’ll love Korean food infused with kimchi.

One hundred per cent Australian made, raw and probiotic, we strongly believe our kimchi is the best!

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