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FAQ’s about Our Process

  • What are Gutsy Ferments’ Foods Fermented In?

    We ferment all our foods in oak barrels. Fermenters have been using oak barrels for thousands of years, and we love oak barrels for so many reasons. Oak barrels are chemical free, sustainable and create some great flavours. During fermentation, foods often get very acidic. Depending on time, temperature and levels of carbohydrates, vegetables can achieve a pH of 3.5–3 (acidic) during fermentation.

    When foods are fermented in plastic, poor quality stainless steel, or even ceramic crocks with the wrong type of glaze, chemicals may leach from the vessels into the foods. After 3-4 weeks of fermenting the flavour of these chemicals becomes noticeable, and taints the fermented foods. Oak barrels are great as they contain no artificial chemicals. Oak also produces a unique depth and complexity of flavours in fermented foods.

  • What Is Wild Fermentation?

    Wild fermentation is the process of allowing all the locally sourced, naturally existing bacteria that live on and in and around our fruit and vegetables to multiply and propagate during fermentation. We do this without using starter cultures. Instead, we just wait and let the natural bacteria do their thing. You can taste the difference in our fermented foods.

    Some people say that you need to add a starter culture to vegetables or fruit before fermentation; but that’s not true! People have been wildly fermenting for thousands of years, and it’s worked just fine. In fact, because it’s totally natural, you get better results with wild fermentation.

  • Are Gutsy Kraut and Kimchi Products Vegan?

    Yes. No animal products are used during the process when we make our Kraut and Kimchi products. There is definitely no fish sauce in the Kimchi.

    However, if you order Kraut or Kimchi online it needs to be kept cold as it travels to you. By default we ship it in a thermal box using sheep wool offcuts. So, if you don't want to keep your products cool in wool, you have the option to choose a vegan, polystyrene box at checkout.

Want To Know More About Our Products & Processes?

If you would like to know more about Gutsy Ferments, our processes and our products, our friendly team would be happy to hear from you.

Reach out to us today and we’ll get right back to you.

4/42 Clinker St Darra QLD 4076

We take organic produce and make it super yum and super nutritious through chemical-free oak barrel fermentation.