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Seasonal Fermented Foods

At Gutsy Ferments, we created seasonal fermented foods from a range of seasonal fruit and vegetables. These small batches of seasonal fermented foods vary from season to season and are only available online for a limited time as they are only short runs.

Take a look at our range of seasonal fermented foods in our online store.

When producing our seasonal fermented and probiotic-rich foods, we ferment whatever is available in small batches. These seasonal fermented foods are fermented in exactly the same way and in exactly the same kitchen as our standard range, but they're not certified organic or certified Kosher as they are small batches and vary every season. By the time we certified our seasonal fermented foods, they would have all sold out.

Choose from our range of seasonal fermented foods in our online store.

Why are seasonal fermented foods so good for you?

Our seasonal fermented foods are super healthy and nutritious because fermentation locks in many of the nutrients that already exist in fresh fruit and vegetables and the concentration of nutrients is at its best in fresh seasonal organic produce.

Fermenting seasonal fruit and veggies also allows us to preserve them with all their nutritious goodness locked in so that we can enjoy them in the form of fermented foods for times such as winter, when there are fewer fresh produce options in season.

For more than 2,000 years people have preserved seasonal ingredients for later use. Fermented foods not only kept our ancestors fed over the long cold winter months when food was scarce, they also kept them healthy by boosting their immune systems and maintaining healthy digestive systems. These are only a few of the many benefits that can be derived from seasonal fermented foods.

Another great thing about seasonal fermented foods is the wonderful colours. Not only do these fermented foods taste absolutely amazing, they look incredibly appetising too. We feast with our eyes first and these fermented foods do not disappoint. Just take a look at our amazing range of seasonal fermented foods and you’ll see what we mean.

Choose from our range of seasonal fermented foods in our online store.

How long does seasonal fermented food last?

Fermentation is a natural and highly effective way of preserving vegetables. Before opening, your seasonal fermented food will keep for over a year in the fridge. After opening, it will usually keep for a long time as well.

However, there is one risk to your seasonal fermented food and that is the potential for mould to grow on the fermented food once you have opened the container.

The rate at which mould grows on fermented food will depend on temperature, your environment, how many mould spores are floating around the area. This is why it is important to keep your seasonal fermented food container closed and in the fridge after opening.

In most cases, your jar of fermented food will last 3-4 weeks after opening. As long as there's no mould growing on your fermented food, you can still enjoy it for much longer than that.

Try our range of seasonal fermented foods in our online store.

What season is best for creating fermented foods?

While we’re on the topic of seasonal fermented foods, this seems to be a good spot to also mention that the best seasons to do your fermenting in are late winter or autumn, if you’re thinking of making fermented foods at home.

This is because the hot weather (Queensland summers, we’re looking at you here) can have an effect on the quality of your fermented foods.

Fermentation itself pushes the temperature up by as much as three degrees Celsius and veggies that ferment under warm conditions tend to go soft and slimy while fermented foods created in cooler temperatures stay crisp and crunchy.

Browse our range of seasonal fermented foods in our online store.