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Probiotic treats

Historically, fermenting was used as a way to preserve vegetables. This so people were able to eat the produce during the colder months when growing it wasn’t a possibility. It’s only recently that we’ve learned of the health and wellbeing value of a diet high in fermented foods. 

Perhaps you’ve heard of the importance of gut health for our health and you’re changing your diet to incorporate more fermented foods? You may well be acquainted with fermenting superheroes such as sauerkraut and kimchi, as well as others such as yoghurt, kefir, kombucha, tempeh and miso. 

But what about portable probiotic snacks to carry in your lunchbox to and from work? Tasty, fermented bites to eat that will fill you up until the next meal. The range of fermented snacks is sometimes scarce at health food stores. But here at Gutsy Ferments, we believe we have an answer: Lemon and Rose Crunchies.

What are Lemon and Rose Crunchies?

Lemon and Rose Crunchies are probiotic-rich, tasty and convenient snacks made from organic and locally-sourced ingredients. Fermented for four months in their own juices (with the addition of organic raw sugar), these treats are made from locally-sourced and organic products. 

The Crunchies are made and sourced in keeping with our ethos to bring you the healthiest fermented products. This while ensuring raw materials have been sourced from local producers to cut down on transport carbon pollution and support our local producers. We believe in doing the best we can for the environment as well as our customers.

The fermenting, decanting and dehydrating process

The Crunchies are fermented in their own juice for four months to allow the probiotic goodness to fully develop. After this time the ferment is decanted and dehydrated at low temperatures. The fermenting process helps to soften the peel of the lemon and the subsequent dehydrating means it will keep for a long time. 

The time taken to produce this gem is worth it as the final result is a wonderful, sweet snack that you can carry with you at all times, in a recyclable package.

The gut health benefits of Lemon and Rose Crunchies

Added to that is the probiotic health benefits associated with a balanced gut microbiome as a result of eating a diet high in fermented foods.

The probiotics microorganisms in the Crunchies help the good bacteria in the gut microbiome proliferate. According to research, this leads to a number of better physical health outcomes. As the gut is connected to the brain through the vagus nerve, some studies have shown there is a link between a balanced gut microbiome and mental health.

As well as being high in Vitamin C, the Lemon and Rose Crunchies help “fill that gap” at times between meals when you may feel hungry. This helps take you through to the next meal without snacking on unhealthy food.

Versatile as well as tasty

Lemon and Rose Crunchies are not just great snacks though. They may be used in a number of ways such as topping for pancakes, sprinkled on top of a healthy breakfast to add that extra probiotic goodness, or as part of your favourite granola bliss ball recipe.

Try including them in your favourite biscuit recipe or make a probiotic cake for the next dinner party.

Made from organic and locally sourced lemons, rose petals and raw sugar, Lemon and Rose Crunchies are delicious, long-lasting and full of probiotic goodness. You don’t have to carry around yoghurt drinks or tubs to get your probiotic supplement during the day or after dinner as a snack. 

Now you can help infuse your gut with beneficial strains of gut bacteria by snacking on delicious food.