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Carrot Kimchi


This ferment is sweet and mildly spicy. A great cabbage-free ferment option, with a bit of kick!


At Gutsy, we are committed to using all natural processes and certified organic seasonal ingredients to create healthy, wholesome fermented food that nurtures the body, nourishes the mind, and rejuvenates the soul.
We take organic produce and make it super yum and super nutritious through chemical-free oak barrel fermentation.
Gutsy Ferments is a family-owned-and-operated business based in Brisbane, Australia that specialises in creating high quality fermented foods made especially for the guts of people across Australia.

About Carrot Kimchi

Tasting notes: Mild spice, sweet, and tangy with the complexity of fruity & spicy notes.

Enjoy with: We love this with fried rice, dumplings, hot breakfasts of bacon & eggs, sweet potato chips with avocado, and ramen. Delish!

*Please note that this product is a limited edition seasonal ferment – so stocks are limited.*

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How to store Gutsy Ferments

Keep your Gutsy ferment refrigerated before opening if possible. But if you can’t keep your kraut in the fridge for a while, it’s not a big deal. Fermentation is a preserving process so GUTSY kimchi will keep for weeks out of the fridge. If you keep your kimchi out of the fridge it will keep fermenting. The only problem is that carbon dioxide is a byproduct of fermentation. So if keep your kimchi out of the fridge for too long, you may be sprayed with juice the first time you open it. It’s not unhealthy, just messy.

Once opened Gutsy Kimchi is best kept in the fridge. The only reason for this is to inhibit the growth of mould.

A Note on Shipping our Ferments

Our Gutsy Fermentery is based in Brisbane, QLD. If you buy Gutsy fermented goodies online, we’ll ship them directly to your door anywhere in Australia. When we ship your kraut we pack it into a thermal box with ice packs. This keeps the ferments cool for a few days depending on the outside temperature.

The thing is that our Australian Summers get pretty hot and if your package is travelling a long way your ferments will eventually warm up. As per the storage instructions above, it doesn’t matter if your kraut warms up, it’s actually a good thing (as far as probiotics go). Just beware, if you’re ordering in the middle of summer, and you live far away from Brisbane (Tas or WA) your ferments might be a little fizzy when you first take off the lid. If this is the case, refrigerate the jar for a couple of hours before you open it. Hold it over a bowl the first time you open it and drink any juices that you catch!

Buy Gutsy Ferments Kimchi Australian made, organic and unpasteurised so it’s highly probiotic. All our kraut is wildly fermented in oak barrels and jarred in glass. We ferment for a minimum of 4 weeks.

See How We Ferment our Vegetables

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