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Seed your Gut with - Kimchi Hot Sauce (Medium Spice level)


We've fermented this Medium Spice Kimchi hot sauce for 12 months to increase the flavour, probiotics, and nutrients.  If you love hot sauce, you'll love fermented hot sauce more.  Why? Because fermentation makes it tastier and actually better for you!  How is that possible?  We're glad you asked....


Seed your Gut with - Kimchi Hot Sauce (Medium Spice level)


Our creative director (Wei'er) loves creating new things.  That's her passion.  She gets bored doing the same thing over and over again.  She also loves chilli; chilli with everything from salad, in broth, or even on steak.  Wei'er also loves fermentation, the longer the better.   (Or maybe she just often forgets about the ferment until years later!) All these loves have come together and she's crafted a, small-batch, long-fermented kimchi hot sauce.  

We've fermented this kimchi hot sauce for 12 months to increase the flavour, probiotics, and nutrients.  If you love hot sauce, you'll love fermented hot sauce more.  Why? Because fermentation makes it tastier and actually better for you!  How is that possible?  We're glad you asked....

1. How Fermentation makes Hot Sauce tastier

During wild fermentation the bacteria on the outside of the chillies feed on the carbohydrates that make up the chillies.  This fermentation breaks down the hard-to-digest fibres (prebiotics) as the probiotics multiply.  Some of the by-products of this fermentation (post-biotics) are acids and vitamins (vitamin B and vitamin K2).  One of the acids that is created through fermentation is glutamic acid, this acid gives us the Umami flavour.  The longer the fermentation, the more umami.  

Glutamic acid is not the only acid created during fermentation.  Fermentation produces hundreds of subtle acids over the course of fermentation.  These acids create a range of flavours: fruity, sour, tangy, astringent and more; all overlapping and working together.

2. How fermentation makes hot sauce better for you

Chillies naturally have  good bacteria living on them (especially if they're chemical-free) as part of a healthy chilli microbiome, but during fermentation these bacteria multiply by 1000 times or more, depending on length of fermentation.  In one teaspoon of Gutsy fermented hot sauce there should be approximately the same number of bacteria as 3-4 probiotic capsules (lots of factors going on here).

All these bacteria have to feed on something.  These probiotics feed on the sugars that make up the chillies.  Chilli is a fruit, and (though you probably can't taste it) are usually made up of about 3% sugar, sometimes more.  As the good bacteria go wild, most of this sugar is eaten up in exchange for more bacteria, acids, and vitamins.

We've spoken about vitamins a couple of times.  Two of the post-biotics (by-products) of chilli fermentation are vitamins B and K.  Raw chilli has no vitamin B and tiny amounts of vitamin K, but these vitamins are created through fermentation...crazy right?  

About our Hot Sauce

Based in the fertile regions of Conondale, QLD; our chilli farmer Richard loves his chillies. Coupled with his interest in all things from Spain, most of his bio-dynamically grown chilies are grown from seeds collected on a Spanish backpacking trip when he was a young amigo. He currently grows a variety of Spanish, Greek and Japanese chilies, most of which are served in Spanish restaurants along the East Coast. 

Using the bounty of Richard's 2021 chillies, we crafted a fruity hot sauce that fermented in our signature oak barrels for 6 months. To add an extra complexity of flavour and probiotic diversity, we added a some kimchi spices and ingredients then fermented for a further 6 months (12 months in total) - perfection! 

The chillies used to ferment this hot sauce is of medium-hot heat.  Because of the long fermentation, some of the capsaicin (spiciness) is broken down and mellowed leaving the spice level of the final product moderate. For you who love the flavour of hot sauce but not ridiculous heat, this is perfect for you. This is a hot sauce that you will be able to enjoy without worrying about burning your tongue off!

To this hot sauce, we have also added a batch of cauliflower kimchi to add a hint of sweetness & more umami (plus GUTSY probiotics!) to it. After cool ageing it for a period of time, the flavours of both ferments had mingle & mellow into an addictive hot sauce that we are adding to all our meals!! 


Fruity notes, layered with citrus & floral notes finish with a lingering warmth 


A spoonful of this kimchi hot sauce drizzle on a brekkie omelette,  chicken avo wrap, cheesy pizza, gyoza, whisk into dipping sauces or any of your favourite foods will add an umami oomph with a pleasant warmth tingling on your tastebuds.  


Chilli, cauliflower, apple, ginger, garlic, citrus, onion, turmeric leek, garlic and Mineral-Rich Sea Salt

All organic ingredients 

One Jar 210mL


Additional Information

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions7 x 7 x 7 cm

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