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Probiotic Mango Shrub Concentrate

Unlike commercially produced concentrate, this mango ferment has been crafted with the abundance of last summers mangos and fermented for a year. Once fermented to perfection, it is bottled without any heating, keeping all the gutsy bacteria intact and alive. 

Probiotic Mango Shrub Concentrate


Probiotic Mango Shrub Ingredients

Certified Organic QLD Kensington pride Mangoes, 

Certified Organic raw sugar & the Probiotics form 12 months of fermentation.

350ml Bottle

Probiotic Mango Shrub Tasting notes

delightful sweetness and tang, fruity aroma 


Probiotic Mango Shrub Serving suggestions 

spritz up sparkling water with a swig of it, make a probiotic & alcohol free mango passionfruit punch for the festive season, drizzle on pancakes, cheesecakes or waffles, whisk into a mango & avocado salad dressing. 

Probiotic mango passionfruit punch (kids friendly) Recipe 

Makes 2L 


1/2 cup mango shrub concentrate 

1L sparkling water 

1/2cup passionfruit pulp 

2cups ginger turmeric kombucha / ginger citrus water kefir 

Frozen pineapple cubes 

Fresh mint leaves 

In a larger pitcher, combine mango shrub concentrate, sparkling water, passionfruit and kombucha. 

To serve, add a few pineapple cubes & mint leaves at the bottom of each glass before adding punch. 

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