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Probiotic Pickled Purple Carrot Coins - 2022 Vintage


Like its vibrant colour, this fermented purple carrot pickle has a nutritional content to boost. 

Pickled Purple Carrot Coins Health benefits

Aside from trillions of good bacteria generated over a 12 month fermentation period, these fermented purple carrot pickles have a lot going for it.

Compared to other carrots, this particular variety of carrots contains a high level of powerful antioxidants known as anthocyanins which have impressive effects on health such as reducing inflammation & improving heart health. 

Here at GUTSY, we love getting hold of such nutritious and beautiful produce to ferment. Besides enhancing the flavour & adding a GUTSY zing in every bite, fermentation once again does its magic of unlocking the nutrients increasing the bio-availability of them. In short, our bodies don’t have to work too hard to extract the good stuff! 

Fermented Purple Carrot Coins Flavour Profile

Zesty, bright notes of citrus & lime, complimented with woodsy & cranberry notes. 

Purple Carrot Coins Tasting Suggestions

Traditionally fermented in a mineral-rich sea salt brine, this subtly flavoured pickle will go well in a chicken & avocado wrap, in a juicy beef burger or served alongside roast & gravy with beans and mash.  

*NOTE* When you are done with the carrots, don’t throw away the brine! Packed full of probiotics and flavour from the herbs and the fermentation process, this umami brine can be gulped down as a palate cleanser, or probiotic tonic, or whisked together with olive oil & honey to make a sweet & sour salad dressing. Yum!  Fun Fact, probiotic liquids travel further and faster into the gastrointestinal tract as it's not slowed down by fibre.  Drink the brine to get the probiotics as far down into your gut as you can.

Probiotic Pickled Purple Carrot Coins - 2022 Vintage


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