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Sauerkraut Fermentation Kit

Interested in fermenting veggies yourself at home?  Over many years we've worked out all the problems and difficulties with fermenting and put in place the tools to make it as easy as we can.  We've assembled the best fermenting kit we think is out there.  With this you'll be able to produce the most probioticically rich and deeply flavoured fermented veggies.

Sauerkraut Fermentation Kit


About Sauerkraut Fermentation Kit

Ferment yourself at home with this sauerkraut/kim-chi/vegetable fermentation kit. Over the last 8 years we’ve tried fermenting in everything and with everything. We’ve tried fermenting on a small scale and a large scale.

There are some difficulties with fermenting such as:

- mould growth

- fruit flies and other pests spoiling the batches

- exploding jars

- breaking airlocks

- hard to clean airlocks

- and more

We’ve put together the best fermentation kit that we’ve been able to build.


2L Glass Jar

Glass is the perfect material in which to ferment. As the veggies ferment they become pretty acidic (up to a PH of 3.5). If you ferment in plastic the acidifying veggies leach flavour and chemicals from plastic over a month of fermentation. Glass is great because you can see what your veggies are unto during their month of fermentation . This jar has a wide mouth to make it easier when packing the veggies. Your fridge door should also be just the right size to fit this jar once the fermentation is just right.


An airlock is essential when fermenting fruit or veggies. You don’t want fresh air to get into your Sauerkraut or mould WILL grow (nasty stuff, even if you scrape it off the spores go everywhere!) usually after 3 – 5 days. The problem is that veggies create carbon dioxide as they’re fermenting which can cause a tightly sealed container to explode if the gases can’t escape. This airlock lets gases out, without letting air in. Our airlock is also a single piece of food-grade silicon which can be easily cleaned. Other airlocks we’ve tried have 7 pieces that are impossible to clean, and rubber o-rings that break and start leaking. This airlock has made our fermenting life easy.

Glass Weight

This glass weight helps to hold the veggies down so they don’t putrefy or oxidise during the fermentation.

Sustainably Sourced Murray River Salt

Salt is essential to stop the veggies from putrefying as they slowly transform into Sauerkraut or Kim Chi. We’ll supply enough for your first batch.


To ensure that things go smoothly using this fermenting kit we’ll email you instructions. These instructions provide step-by-step instructions, teaching you how to ferment Sauerkraut and Pickles. They also have some suggestions of other vegetable combinations that you can try.

A note on fermenting Vegetables

We do not sell any starter cultures for fermenting vegetables. Wild Fermentation (that’s just creating an environment in which all the locally sourced, naturally existing bacteria that live on any vegetable, can multiply and propagate) gives better flavours and higher number of bacteria. Wild fermentation takes time (Approximately 25 days at an average temperature of 25C). All the fermented vegetables that we sell are fermented wildly.

Pounding, punching or squeezing your vegetables is very helpful as this action:

  • Helps to release the vegetable juices so that your vegetables can be submerged under their own juice (this stops the veggies going mouldy and putrid)
  • Assists in breaking down the structure of the vegetables so that the wild bacteria have easier access to the carbohydrates that make up the vegetable.

To make this easier you can use a pounder.

Buy a pounder with your fermentation kit and save money.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Good quality product and easy to use. Have made very nice Sauerkraut. Excellent customer service too!


Very easy to use.

Additional Information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions10 x 10 x 20 cm

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