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Organic Sauerkraut Benefits: Your Key To Great Health With Fermented Food

Have you ever wondered about how organic sauerkraut and fermented food benefits stack up? In this week’s article, we’ll list how eating organic kraut can do wonders for your physical and mental health. At Gutsy Ferments we put your health first. Our kraut and kimchi are sourced from vegetables from local, organic growers. Our commitment to finding the finest fresh, chemical-free produce for our kraut means you get the best!

As well as the benefits of raw, unpasteurised sauerkraut, you get all the goodness of organic food.

We’ve covered the benefits of sauerkraut and gut health in the Gutsy Ferments blog. But what are the benefits of buying organic sauerkraut from Gutsy? Indeed, why should you source organic food at all?

Organic sauerkraut & Fermented Food benefits

Pot of sauerkraut

Organic food has become a staple of our grocery and supermarket food aisles in recent times. But what are the goals of an organic farmer? And what exactly is organic vegetable growing? By extension, what value do we at Gutsy pass on to you as buyers of our organic sauerkraut?

Chemical-free food

An organic food producer is committed to growing food that has no — or very little — synthetic chemical input. This is the basic definition of organic farming. It’s a return to pre-Second World War days when food was grown without chemicals to destroy pests and condition the soil.

However, there are other key elements of organic growing.

Taking an interest in — and repairing and replenishing the soil is a main tenet. Features of an organic farm include soil that has been improved through natural means such as compost or animal fertiliser. This encourages worm activity and other soil microbiota. A deeper understanding of soil and knowing how to improve it naturally means healthier plants.

Reduce pollution

golden smoke from coal power plant during sunset

Organic food producers also tend to reduce pollution as much as possible. This includes air and water pollution on the farm. Many food buyers — such as Gutsy Ferments — try to buy from local producers as much as possible. This has two advantages: it ensures freshness and cuts down on “food miles” — the fossil fuels used during travel. 

Self-sustaining lifestyle

self sustaining garden

Many organic farmers take the organic lifestyle one step further. Many such farms are founded on a self-sustaining, or regenerative philosophy. This involves recycling resources back into the farm. This “circular economy” model is becoming increasingly popular and features: 

  1. A regenerative approach to farming
  2. Design the system to reduce waste
  3. Keep materials in use as much as possible

See here for a fascinating read on this approach from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Here’s a brief sample.

“In a circular economy, economic activity builds and rebuilds overall system health. The concept recognises the importance of the economy needing to work effectively at all scales – for large and small businesses, for organisations and individuals, globally and locally.”

Why we source local, organic vegetables for our fermented food kraut

The above shows the advantages of buying fresh, organic vegetables. It’s what we look for when we select the finest ingredients for our kraut. 

Organic food means little to no synthetic chemical input. Science is increasingly finding links between the chemicals used to spray vegetables to protect against pests and health conditions. It’s fair to say though that debate in our society still continues between organic food proponents and those who say there is little nutritional difference.

However, the prestigious Mayo Clinic has found that science now backs the health benefits of organic foods over chemical-laden food. These benefits include increases in nutrients; higher omega-3 levels; less toxic metal and pesticide residue, The full article can be read here.

However, other organic proponents go further, with claims that artificial pesticides and fertilisers have been the cause of many illnesses and poor health conditions.

Whether this is true or not is still being tested, but the benefits of organic produce have been shown to be many.

These are the organic sauerkraut and fermented food benefits that we pass on to you as our customer. It forms an important part of the guarantee we give you to provide the very healthiest sauerkraut we can deliver.

Gut health and organic sauerkraut benefits

As discussed, organic sauerkraut and fermented food has many health advantages. However, its effect on balancing the “good bugs” — those friendly bacteria that live mostly in our gut — is possibly its most valuable.

As discussed here, a balance in favour of the good gut bacteria — such as the lactobacillus found in fermented foods — is vital to maintain our immune system and help us with our physical and mental health. 

As mentioned, the organic sauerkraut and consumption of fermented food the benefits are many. Chemical-free and naturally grown, the organic nature of the vegetables we use for our kraut enhances our physical and mental health. 

If you’re looking to change your diet, and that of your family for the better, check out our range of fermented products including our famous kraut and kimchi. We’re always looking out for new tastes and flavours (so we welcome your input) but stick to our guarantee to provide organic food.

Please contact us should you have any questions. Don’t forget to engage with us on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We’d love to hear from you!

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