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Probiotic Foods

Probiotic Food Benefits

One of the most important things you can do in terms of gut health, is ensuring you are consuming enough probiotics and good bacteria. There are many health benefits to consuming probiotic rich foods with live and active cultures, including helping to build a strong immune system.

There are many foods which are a rich sources of probiotics, including green tea, kefir lime drinks, miso soup, fermented cabbage, kimchi, fermented soybeans, tempeh, dairy products, like yogurt, cottage cheese and certain aged cheeses which all have high active cultures. Finding high quality, naturally present probiotics can be difficult and you often have to make an effort to locate these items in normal supermarkets, however, there are many probiotic supplements that you can purchase which may help increase the levels of healthy probiotic bacteria.

Good Bacteria & Overall Health

Probiotics are one of the least understood in terms of how the beneficial bacteria affects our overall health. Many probiotic rich foods are made through a fermentation process. Many of these probiotic foods contain lactic acid as well as live bacteria, it is key for a healthy diet. If you suffer from lactose intolerance, you can also purchase yoghurt that contain probiotics, allowing you to enjoy a low dairy product without hurting immune function and nutrient absorption.

Negative Influences on our Gut

Probiotic foods are fat burning foods, research seems to show this. First, you know that there are trillions of bacteria living in our guts. You also know, factors in our lifestyles negatively affect our gut bacteria? These factors are so widespread that it’s often difficult or impossible for us to avoid these factors. Here are some things that can negatively affect our gut bacteria:

  • Chlorine and fluoride
  • Antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs
  • Pesticides and fertilisers in our food
  • Pollution from everywhere
  • Processed foods

Thankfully we can easily increase the number of good bacteria in our gut by eating probiotic foods.

Fat Burning Foods

Our gut system is sometimes referred to as our as our second brain. Our gut flora balance in our digestive system can affect our mood, immune system, digestion and many other aspects of our health. Did you know that the these same bacteria can also affect how much fat your body is burning?

Here’s an example; in a 2010 study showed that a group of people who drank 200g of fermented milk every day for 12 weeks reduced their abdominal fat by 4.6% and their subcutaneous fat by 3.3%. In the study, 87 people were observed. Half of these people were given a fermented milk with probiotics add. The remaining people were fermented milk without probiotics added. Those who drank the probiotic-rich fermented milk decreased their body fat. Those who drank the milk without extra probiotics experienced no change in their body fat!

Can you imagine an easier way to burn fat than by eating or drinking a small portion of a yummy fermented or beverage every day. It’s pretty easy to add properly fermented foods to our diet. Whatever you’re already eating, just try adding highly probiotic, fermented foods. If you’re feeling good after eating a little fermented foods, you might be able to take the next step and cut out processed food. If that works well for you, trying doing a little exercise. Everyone knows this, but maybe Fermented foods are a “gateway drug” to burning fat and a generally a healthier lifestyle.

There are some other amazing fat burning foods you can try to assist with weight loss, including, probiotic yogurt, which also makes a great breakfast food or yogurt kefir, which has often been included as a side dish in Indian cooking. If you are lactose in tolerant and are still looking for good sources of probiotics, you can often still consume yogurts without any negative side effects, although it is best to seek medical advice before including this as a key part of your diet.

You can ferment your own food, or you can buy it here and let us do all the hard work for you. Our products contain live cultures with millions of good bacteria, perfect for helping with your overall gut health and helping you experience true probiotic benefits. Bacteria and Yeast are some of the most common ways to create fermented products which contain probiotics and significantly assist with your overall immune function.

During our product development phase, we make sure to consider the level of fermentation and whether it’s made by adding live bacteria made from fermented foods, which contain live healthy probiotics for your health.

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