Fermented Foods and Nutrition

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November 14, 2014
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Fermented Foods and Nutrition

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We’ve already written about the fact that the process of fermentation creates trillions of beneficial bacteria or probiotics.  But did you know that Fermentation helps out bodies absorb more of the nutrients that already exist in the food before fermentation?

Fermentation for Nutrient Absorption

We are able to absorb more nutrients after fermentation because of the process of the food pre-digesting.  In this process the good bacteria feed on the starches and sugars and begin the digestion process.  After predigestion, it is easier for our bodies to absorb the nutrients that are already in the food we are eating.  Essentially fermentation ‘unlocks’ the nutrients in the food by breaking down the cell walls that would otherwise keep the nutrients trapped. The fermentation process breaks down complex foods and converts them into more easily absorbable components.  Amino acids and nutrient-rich simple sugars are some of the components that complex food is broken into.

Fermentation for Vitamins and Minerals

When fermenting most vegetables, lactic acid and lactobacilli are produced; these reduce phytic acid.  Reducing  phytic acid is a good thing because this acid bonds with iron, calcium and other minerals and makes it harder for us to absorb. In this way the lactic acid and lactobacillus make the minerals easier to digest and absorb. The process of fermentation also produces vitamins A , B12 and K2 which are difficult to find in our diet today due to so much of our food being processed.  

Fermented foods are possibly some of most beneficial foods we can possibly eat.  From previous articles, we know that fermented foods are abounding with trillions of good bacteria or probiotics.  The probiotics alone make it worthwhile eating fermented foods; but when you add better nutrient absorption and vitamin creation it’s a superfood!

 Eat fermented food to nourish and strengthen your body.  Make it yourself, or check out our shop if you want us to do all the hard work for you.


Did you know that eating fermented foods can boost our immune system?


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