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2. Free 750ml bottle 2020 strawberry “port” (low alcohol) valued at $50 with every order above $130 until stocks last (only 50 bottles available)

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Crafted from handpicked organic strawberries grown in the sunny state, this three-year berry “port” started fermenting in 2020 and has had extra time to bottle-age.

This wildly fermented beverage has the aroma of summer strawberries, which is unique and simply can’t be replicated by any synthetic berry flavour.  As this is a probiotic-dominate ferment (as opposed to a yeast dominant), it is low alcohol, sitting somewhere around 4%.

Traditionally fermented with raw and organic ingredients, this beverage is unpasteurised, full of goodness, and so delicious!

Enjoy this “port” during happy hour or as a luscious after-dinner drink. This pairs beautifully with bold cheeses and rich desserts.