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Sourdough Cookie Starter



Sourdough Cookie Starter Kit 

AKA “ Sweetie” 

Sweetie is one of our most favourite ferments ever crafter. She produces cookies with complex malty, fruity & sometimes chocolatey notes. Besides cookies, we also like to use this cookie starter in cakes, sweet pastry dough and sweet breads (ie cinnamon buns, brioche and even doughnuts!). She is the ultimate dessert that truly satisfies a fermenter’s gut. 

When fed on a weekly diet (just 1 feeding per week for maintenance) of flour (i.e. brown rice, kamut, spelt or buckwheat), sugar (coconut sugar, raw sugar, rapadura) and milk (dairy or non dairy), she will thrive happily and will keep your cookie jar forever full.  

We will provide most of the ingredients you need for Sweetie’s first feeding and for your first ever batch of sourdough cookie dough. 

The only ingredients you need to get are:

  • Milk of choice (nut or dairy milk) 
  • Oil of choice (ghee, butter or coconut oil) 
  • Vanilla extract 
  • baking powder 


Provided in this kit: 

  1. Sweetie cookie starter                   

  (in the 350ml glass jar)

Ingredients: Australian buckwheat flour*, coconut sugar*, almond mylk* & trillions of gut loving yeasts and bacteria. 

*certified organic

  1. Buckwheat flour & coconut sugar blend                    

(in kraft paper bag to feed Sweetie for 1 feeding)

Ingredients: Australian buckwheat flour* & coconut sugar*. 

*certified organic  

  1. Activated almond & buckwheat flour blend 

to make cookie dough 

 (in the 500ml glass jar)

Ingredients: Activated almond meal*, Australian buckwheat flour*, coconut sugar*, cacao nibs *& Australian mineral rich naturally evaporated sea salt 

*certified organic

4.  An instructional manual on care, maintenance and recipes for Sweetie cookie starter.

Below pictures are examples of recipes in the included recipe book.

Sourdough Pie Crust, recipe is part of included recipe book

Fermented Sourdough cookies

Sourdough Cookies with toppings. recipe is part of included recipe book




Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm


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