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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Tallow - For your Gut lining.


Seal your Gut with 100% Australian Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Tallow.

Did you know that the beneficial fats found in tallow are essential for maintaining the integrity of your gut lining?  

Cook with tallow to strengthen the home for your microbiome (your gut lining)

Rich in Omegas

Rich in Vitamin A, K and D

Rich in CLA

Made on the Gold Coast by The Wholesome Bones Co


500g net

Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Tallow - For your Gut lining.


About Grass Fed Wagu Beef Tallow

This tallow is made from 100% Australian beef fat.  Sourced from the best wagu cattle and slowly, carefully rendered by The Wholesome Bones Co in the QLD's Gold Coast by a team that have been handling meat for decades.  This tallow is very pure, giving it a high smoke point to make it perfect for cooking.

Why Grass Fed Beef Tallow?

For thousands of years beef tallow (and other animal fats) have been prized for cooking due to its flavour, nutritional benefits and suitability for cooking (plus it hasn't go any nasties like bleaches or trans fats).  But here's why we love Wagu Grass Fed Beef Tallow:

1. Important for Building your Gut Lining

Saturated fats, which are present in beef tallow, are essential for maintaining the integrity of cell the membranes for our digestive tract. Our cell membranes are vital for proper functioning of the gut barrier, which plays a crucial role in preventing the passage of harmful substances from the intestines into the bloodstream.  You can read more about this here.

2. Tallow has one of the Highest smoke points.

Pure, grass fed beef tallow has one of the highest smoke points of any cooking oil. Smoke point is very important when cooking.  When an oil starts smoking, it's burning.  When an oil (or anything) is burning, it tastes horribly bitter, but more importantly it damages beneficial nutrients and starts releasing harmful free radicals.  We don't want to eat burnt oil.

3. Tallow doesn't have the Nasties

unlike lots of refined vegetable or seed oils which are heated, burnt, hydrogenated, bleached and deodorised.  This Tallow is gently heated, strained, heated and strained until it's a pure, golden syrup.  You know it's not burnt because it's golden, not brown.  We guarantee it hasn't been bleached or deodorised (it smells so good).

4. Tallow is healthy

Using grass fed beef is important as grass fed beef has a more balanced omega 3 - omega 6 ratio than almost any other oil.  Beef tallow also does not have the trans fats of many vegetable and seed oils.  Trans fats cause Huge health problems around the world.  Beef tallow is not only rich in beneficial fats, it's also high in vitamins A, D and K as well as CLA.

5. Tallow is delicious 

Remember chowing down perfectly cooked beef fat as a kid?  Try cooking your herbs and veggies in tallow! Also great for baking.  This fat has the gentle, but amazing flavour of real food.

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