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Resilient Gut Challenge


Do you have a myriad of niggling, annoying health issues?  Maybe it's a lack of energy, not sleeping well, skin issues, digestive problems, bloating, aches pains, depression, anxiety, moodiness or just not dropping the weight.

This challenge is for you.  Our gut is directly linked to our emotional and physical well-being.  But there are simple, painless, medication-free steps that we can't take to make massive changes to the health of our gut.  Just 5 days can have a real impact on our gut.

To make it easy, we've pre-made a Gut Resilience bundle with all the products you need to get started! 

Resilient Gut Challenge


What's is the Challenge?

The 5 day resilient gut challenge is an easy way to understand the 5 important principles for a resilient gut.  Get an email every day for 5 days that explains, in five minutes, one of the principles.  Then spend a few minutes putting the principle into practice by adding something easy into your daily routine.  

Over 5 days you'll learn and practice the principles of:

Purify your Gut.

Seal your Gut.

Seed your Gut. 

Feed your Gut.

Maintain your Gut.

How can the Resilient Gut Challenge help me?

Our gut is the centre for our health.  This includes our:

  • immune system
  • mental health
  • energy levels
  • quality of sleep
  • susceptibility to disease
  • defence again endocrine disorders
  • skin health
  • risk of cardiovascular disease and more

There are simple, age-old steps that we can easily incorporate into our daily and weekly routine to improve our gut health.  This challenge shows you how.

What will I need?

This challenge is designed to accompany the Gutsy Resilient Gut's has everything you need for the challenge, but you can complete this challenge without the resilient gut bundle.  

If you don't purchase the Resilient Gut Bundle you will need to source your own:

- Bone Broth (fresh or concentrated is best)

- Fermented food (make sure it's highly probiotics and unpasteurised) 

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