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Sauerkraut Pounder


A Pounder is important to break down the structure of the cabbage (or other fruits/vegetables), it also comes in mighty handy when packing your veggies into a glass jar. At Gutsy we use pounders, even at a commercial scale.

These beautiful artisan pounders are solid, they weigh approx. 200gms and made by a local QLD wood turner, Jude from sustainable wood plantations.

We have 3 varieties of pounder available:

- Red gum pounder

- Blue gum pounder

- Spotted gum pounder

Now the spotted gum pounder is pretty special as it's made from wood with a fiddleback grain. The fiddleback grain is hard to work with and gives a beautiful, almost luminescent, highly sought after effect.

Sauerkraut Pounder


Why a Sauerkraut Pounder?

Breaking down the structure of the cabbage (or other vegetables) through “pounding” is an important step before packing the vegetables into your fermenting jar.  This helps to release the juice from the vegetables, break down the structure of the cabbage (so the bacteria can more easily feed on the carbohydrates) and it helps to mix in the salt thoroughly.  A sauerkraut pounder is also mighty useful when packing your veggies into a glass jar.  This pounder is made from Queensland wood (either Red Gum, Blue Gum or Silky Oak - with fiddleback grain).  Each pounder is hand made and unique, no two are the same.

About our Sauerkraut Pounders

During our early sauerkraut crafting days, we resorted to rolling pins, glass jars and other kitchen items to pound our veggies. None of them worked well. That’s where our dream of finding the perfect pounder began. We had to get it crafted just right, especially as we have no skills in wood working. It’s important to us to use local and sustainable timber, anything imported is out of the question. We also wanted to personally witness the process of the pounders being made.

Our quest to the perfect sauerkraut pounder became a reality when we found a local wood turner. He was happy to give it a go even though the only specifications we could provide him were contains in a pencil sketch. Imagine how thrilled we were when we found out that he only sources his wood from local Queensland properties.

These sauerkraut pounders are made from QLD timber either.  

You can also buy this pounder as part of a whole fermentation kit.

Additional Information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions8 x 8 x 20 cm

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