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Welcome To Gutsy Ferments

The Family behind Gutsy Ferments

Hello world. I (Wei’er) am the chef in the kitchen. Running a household with 4 kids (and 1 big kid) makes me passionate about creating easy and, most importantly, tasty ferments and various cultured recipes with imaginative flavour combinations.

I’ve been fermenting for years now. I’ve tried fermenting just about everything. If you look at my bench you’ll see vibrantly coloured ferments all lined against the kitchen wall bubbling and brewing away. I decided to share this long lost traditional way of food preparation with anyone that is interested. I hope you’re interested.

Rewind back to 2005 and I was an ignorant new wife with only 2 dishes under her belt (pasta bake and toasted sandwiches). Through desperation I taught myself to cook and play with food out. So if I can cook, you can definitely cook too!! Of course there were many failures through my experiments with food, and I never wanted to waste it (sorry kids!).

Josh (my big kid), is the most motivated and dynamic man I have ever known. He’s the brawn behind my food, from cracking coconuts & pounding 10kg of veggies to running the entire business side of things. Other than the kids, he is the chief taster of my creations and gives shape to their creation with honest critique. Having said that, he is usually appreciative of anything that is laid down in front of him. His motto in life, “Simple is best.”

What can you expect to see on this site?

Lots of easy yummy recipes and all sorts of ferments. For example: cultured veggies, pesto, dips, even desserts (the kids will never let me forget those). There will also be recipe ideas on using our products in your day to day meals. You will sometimes see recipes put together by the kids themselves for other kids to try out in the kitchen.

We would also like to use this space to document our journey in healing, sharing our ups and downs and to inspire through fermenting. We aim to make this blog fun and easy to use for all. And last but not least, bring fermented foods as an essential tasty addition to every meal.

One day, you might even find an online shop on this site.

p.s. We love our local, sustainably farmed, certified organic and/chemical free produce. Watch this space how to bring up kids that love good food.

Probiotically yours,


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