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Prebiotic Bread Mix

Regular bread mixes save time and energy and are consistent due to their measured ratios of pre-blended bread flour and other ingredients. Great for bread machines, or people who lack time due to a busy lifestyle, bread mixes are becoming more sought after because of their convenience and consistent results.

Bread mixes offer the home baker many advantages. These include reducing the time taken to bake the loaf, less waste and clutter as well as being able to reproduce the same quality of loaf time and time again. 

Bread, of course, has been a staple of our diet for many thousands of years. The earliest evidence of breadmaking has been dated to around 14,400 years at an archaeological site in Jordan. It became an essential food in many countries as the rise of agricultural-based civilisations began.

But what about a prebiotic bread mix? How superior are they to regular bread mixes? At Gutsy we take the staff of life one step further by adding extra prebiotic goodness to help your gut bacteria thrive. Let’s have a look first at the difference between prebiotic and probiotic and go through the benefits of this nutritious prebiotic bread mix.

Prebiotic/probiotic and gut health?

We hear much information about gut health, its benefits to our wider health both physical and mental, and how we can improve the balance of our gut bacteria in favour of the helpful bugs. But what’s the difference between pre and probiotic food and drink?

Probiotic foods are ones that contain beneficial live bacteria. When consumed, these useful organisms help improve the balance of our gut bacteria which has numerous physical and mental benefits. For example, the ever-popular sauerkraut contains trillions of beneficial bacteria known as lactobacillus as a result of the fermentation process. This helps balance out the existing bacteria in the gut in favour of the good bugs.

These types of bacteria are known as probiotics (promoting life). 

On the other hand, prebiotics are nondigestible food components that selectively stimulate the growth or activity of desirable microorganisms. According to the U.S. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), prebiotics are “...nondigestible food components that selectively stimulate the growth or activity of desirable microorganisms.”

Prebiotic food refers to the type of carbs that we cannot digest and is instead eaten by our gut bacteria. A healthy diet full of fibre will maintain the balance of the gut in favour of the “good” bacteria. But a diet high in sugar and highly-processed foods will mean the “bad” bacteria proliferate, causing health problems.

Gut health science is still in its infancy. But many studies have backed a probiotic and prebiotic diet as possibly contributing towards better health including maintaining the immune system. The link between the gut and brain through the vagus nerve has seen recent findings show good gut health may be linked to better mental health.

What’s in our prebiotic bread mix

At Gutsy, we ensure you get the best quality products. Our prebiotic bread mix is designed to give you the best balanced, most pro gut health bread mix there is. Gluten-free, this nourishing mix of fibre-rich ingredients is the ideal way to make your own bread that will help feed the good bacteria in your gut.

This prebiotic bread mix is versatile and can be used in many ways. From kids’ sandwiches to the centrepieces of food at your next dinner party, to a wholesome snack either with your favourite filling or toasted.

Full of nuts and seeds, we recommend combining the prebiotic bread mix with your favourite sauerkraut or kimchi. We love the prebiotic bread mix and our organic red cabbage and pepperberry kraut for fantastic results.