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Vegan Jerky The Perfect Snack For Any Occasion

Vegan jerky may be the healthy, low-carb, low calorie, probiotic bite you’re looking for! A delicious and healthy munch between meals, vegan jerky offers a flavourful vegan alternative to that made from meat.

Gutsy Ferments makes the highest quality vegan jerky in convenient packages, making it easy to carry on public transport, as a snack at work, an energy boost after gym or on camping or bushwalking trips.

The jerky is fermented in oak barrels for at least four weeks then cold dehydrated. It is this that keeps the probiotics alive, so that it becomes an important source of beneficial gut bacteria.

Our product range

Vegan Pepperberry Jerky

Similar to our famous Pepperberry Sauerkraut, Vegan Pepperberry Jerky has the essential flavour of the kraut but with a definite individual twist! Made with Australian pepperberries, the jerky, like the kraut, has a subtle taste and texture. The pepperberry is mildly spicy, though not overwhelming. 

Certified organic, Vegan Pepperberry Jerky is fermented in our special oak barrels for over four of weeks to make it teeming with probiotics, making it very gut healthy. 

The process of making the jerky is straightforward. The three ingredients are fermented wildly in our special oak barrels, then dehydrated. This process gives the jerky an amazing taste and the vibrant, rich colour of the red cabbage makes it look as great as it tastes.

Vegan Pepperberry Jerky: Organic Red Cabbage, Wild Harvested Native Pepper Berries, Australian Sea Salt.

Vegan Cauliflower Jerky

We base our Vegan Cauliflower Jerky on the taste of our Cauliflower Kimchi. It has the same touch of spiciness as the kimchi, and is perfect for lovers of a slightly spicier snack. Like the kraut of the same name, the jerky has a mild chilli warmth that will not mask the wonderful flavours of the cauliflower and other ingredients.

Vegan Cauliflower Jerky: Organic Cauliflower, Organic Seasonal Pear/Apple, Chilli Flakes, Australian naturally evaporated Sea Salt, Organic Shallots/Leeks, Organic Ginger, Organic Garlic, Organic Lemon, Organic Onion and Organic Turmeric.

Benefits of the product range

One of the key benefits of the vegan jerky range is they use the same dehydrating techniques as jerky made from meat to make a convenient snack but are suitable for vegans.

As a fermented food, it can be combined with a balanced diet to provide benefits for gut health. The cold method of dehydration keeps the probiotic bacteria alive to enable it to be consumed into the gut, improving the balance of the helpful bacteria in the gut microbiome.

The balance in favour of the good bacteria, as opposed to the bad bacteria, has increasingly been linked to better physical and mental health outcomes.

How the range is used

While jerky is best known as a healthy and probiotic snack, there are some other ways of using it in your cooking. 

On a baked dish. Use as a distinctive topping on any baked dish. It will add some extra crunch and taste.

With toast and salad. Something different for breakfast or as a probiotic-rich lunch snack for the family. Toast two slices of your favourite bread, spread hot sauce on one side and hummus on the other, and layer your favourite salad ingredients such as tomato, lettuce, egg and sprouts. Finally, add the vegan jerky to the salad mix to create a unique, crunchy taste sensation. Great for lunchboxes!

Use in salads. Try sprinkling through a side salad and mix together to add a bit of texture and flavour.

Use at parties. Hand them around to everyone at a dinner party or birthday celebration. A fun, healthy, vegan snack to tempt the taste buds.

While the sweet, savoury taste of our vegan jerky is aimed at people on vegan diets, such is the deliciousness of the snack, it is one that everyone can enjoy.